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SmartWings logo.svg
Founded 2004
Operating bases Václav Havel Airport Prague
Fleet size 20
Destinations 27
Parent company Travel Service
Headquarters Prague, Czech Republic

SmartWings is a brand of the Czech airline Travel Service.[1] Travel Service operates scheduled flights to several European metropolitan and leisure destinations under the brand from its base at Václav Havel Airport Prague.[2]


The brand was established in 2004 by Travel Service, which specialized in leisure charter flights at that time, to offer low-cost scheduled flights. For example, after the bankruptcy of SkyEurope, the company started scheduled services to Paris and Rome.

In October 2017 it was announced that Travel Service planned to move all of its operations under the SmartWings brand.[3]


SmartWings Boeing 737 MAX 8 operated by Travel Service
A SmartWings branded Boeing 737-800 operated by Travel Service


As of January 2018, the Smartwings fleet consists of the following aircraft operated by Travel Service:[4]

Smartwings fleet
Aircraft In Service Orders Passengers Notes
Boeing 737-700 2 148
Boeing 737-800 28 189 Four leased from Swift Air
Three leased from Sunwing Airlines
Boeing 737 MAX 8 5 34 189 Deliveries 2018–2021
Total 35 34


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