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Smarte Carte, Inc.
Industry Concessionaire
Founded 1967
Headquarters White Bear Lake, Minnesota
Area served
Key people
Edward Rudis (President & CEO)
Products Luggage carts
Electronic lockers
Massage chairs
Long-term baggage storage
Interactive kiosk
Services Vending
Parent Macquarie Group

Smarte Carte, Inc. is an American-based corporation that provides passenger and guest services such as self-serve vended luggage carts, electronic lockers, commercial strollers and massage chairs, and more.

Their products include supplying and maintaining luggage carts, rented with provisions for a small rebate on return of the cart at some airports. The company's products can be found globally at over one thousand transportation centers, shopping centers and entertainment venues worldwide.[1]

The company's headquarters are located in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.[2] In 2005, the company emerged from bankruptcy. In 2006, they were purchased for $370 million by Macquarie Bank of Australia.[1]


  • Smarte Carte is featured in the movie The Terminal with Tom Hanks. Hanks' character Viktor uses the change left in Smarte Carte machines to purchase food.[3]


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