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Destin Sandlin
Destin sandlin.jpg
Sandlin in 2014
Destin Wilson Sandlin[1]

1981 (age 37–38)
ResidenceHuntsville, Alabama
Alma materUniversity of Alabama
University of Alabama, Huntsville[1]
OccupationRocket engineer
YouTube personality
Known forEducational YouTube videos[2]
Spouse(s)Tara Sandlin

Destin Wilson Sandlin (born 1981) is an American engineer and science communicator widely known for his educational video series Smarter Every Day (SED),[3][4] which is hosted on a YouTube channel of the same name launched in 2007.

Sandlin's YouTube channel garners over 6 million subscribers and over 500 million views. In early 2016, Sandlin was one of three YouTube personalities chosen to conduct a one-on-one interview with then-president Barack Obama[5] after his final State of the Union address.[6] The interviews were sponsored by Google and were part of a White House initiative to reach Millennial audiences.

In April 2016, Sandlin started a second YouTube channel called The Sound Traveler, in which he employs 3D audio and GoPro footage to capture and convey the experience of visiting the world's most interesting places.

In February 2017 Sandlin started a podcast called No Dumb Questions, with his friend Matt Whitman, in which the two discuss an assortment of topics and cover it from different perspectives.[7]


Sandlin has a B.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of Alabama and an M.S. in aerospace engineering from the University of Alabama in Huntsville.[1][8] While an undergraduate, he was awarded the University of Alabama's Outstanding Senior Award.[1] He also minored in Business Administration while at the University of Alabama.[9] Destin was, until late 2018, a full-time Missile Flight Test Engineer at Redstone Arsenal.[10][11] He is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Alabama Huntsville advised by Dr. Kavan Hazeli.[12]

A resident of Huntsville, Alabama,[13] Destin is married with four children (two daughters and two sons).[14] Since 2012 Sandlin has supported and partnered with 'Not Forgotten', a charity that cares for orphaned boys in Peru.[citation needed]

He credits his fascination with the scientific method and his former job as a rocket test engineer as inspiration for making educational videos.[citation needed]

Sandlin is a devout Christian.[15] Sandlin spoke at the 2015 Skepticon on his personal reconciliation of the search for scientific truth with his faith.[16]

Smarter Every Day[edit]

YouTube information
Years active2006–present
Subscribers6.3+ million[17]
Total views549+ million[18]
YouTube Silver Play Button 2.svg 100,000 subscribers
YouTube Gold Play Button 2.svg 1,000,000 subscribers
Subscriber and view counts updated as of 8 March 2019.
Sandlin at Skepticon in November 2015.

Sandlin began posting educational videos in 2007, and his first video to reach one million views cleared that milestone on July 10, 2009.[19] The video was about chicken head tracking using chickens that Destin bought for his father as a demonstration. Because of its popularity that video retroactively had the Smarter Every Day label added to it.

Sandlin formally launched Smarter Every Day on Apr 24, 2011 with a video titled "Detonation vs Deflagration - Smarter Every Day 1,"[20] which became the title for subsequent videos and the sole focus of his YouTube channel.[citation needed]

Episodes of Smarter Every Day revolve around scientific exploration and discovery and feature Sandlin as host and narrator. Sandlin is fascinated by flight and space, and his Smarter Every Day video library reflects that. However, his videos explore a wide array of other topics including the effects of hypoxia on the human brain, the curiously sturdy Prince Rupert's drop, the physics of potato guns, and a nearly-impossible to ride bicycle that turns the opposite direction of its handle bars.[21]

No Dumb Questions[edit]

In 2017, Sandlin began a podcast with his best friend from Wyoming, Matt Whitman.[7] This podcast brought about musical performances such as the patron enhanced version of "The Winged Hussars" by Sabaton.


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