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Industry Information retrieval
Founded 2006
Headquarters United States, UK
Area served
Products Semaphore Cloud, Semaphore Ontology Editor, Semaphore Classification Server, Semaphore Semantic Enhancement Server, Advanced Language Packs, Search Appliance Framework, Text Miner, Classification Review Tool, Classification Analysis Tool
Number of employees

Smartlogic is a software company which specializes in developing information retrieval, text analytics and knowledge management solutions.


Smartlogic was founded in the United Kingdom in 2006. It is a privately held company and has offices in San Jose, CA; Alexandria, VA; Cambridge, MA and London, UK. The company develops and sells a suite of products; Semaphore Ontology Editor, Classification Server, Advanced Language Packs, Semantic Enhancement Server, Text Miner, Classification Review tool, and Classification Analysis tool. In September 2011, Smartlogic acquired SchemaLogic.[1]


Semaphore Ontology Editor[edit]

Semaphore Ontology Editor is a web-based tool used to build taxonomies, ontologies, controlled vocabularies as well as other knowledge organization systems. Models are used by organizations to enhance the capabilities of enterprise search engines,[2] content management and workflow systems deployed by clients to augment and enhance their investment.

Semaphore Classification Server[edit]

Semaphore Classification Server uses the model structure from Semaphore Ontology Editor and auto classifies unstructured information assets by applying metadata tags to the unstructured information.

Semaphore Advanced Language Packs[edit]

Semantic Enhancement Server[edit]


Semaphore integrates with Microsoft Sharepoint,[3] Google Search Appliance,[4] Apache Solr,[5] FAST ESP[6] and others.


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