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Smartrac is a developer and manufacturer of RFID products, software and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for a diverse range of applications and industries. The company is headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and runs a global sales network and manufacturing sites in Fletcher, North Carolina, USA; Kulim, Malaysia; Guangzhou, China and Reichshof-Wenrath, Germany.[1]

Smartrac N.V.
Naamloze vennootschap (NV)
Traded as not applicable (2006-2013: FWBSM7)
Industry Electronics
Founded 2000 (2000)
Headquarters Amsterdam, Netherlands
Key people

Christian Uhl, CEO and Chairman of the Management Board;

Amir Mobayen, CRO and Member of the Management Board;

Robert Harmzen, Member of the Management Board
Products RFID inlays and tags; software; IoT solutions
Revenue € 360 million (end 2016)
Number of employees
3,800 (end 2016)
Website [1]


Smartrac was founded in 2000 by Manfred Rietzler and Richard Bird as Smartrac Technology Ltd. in Thailand, and started mass production of RFID inlays in 2001. During the following years, Smartrac became the world's largest supplier of RFID Inlays for electronic passports. In 2006, the holding company Smartrac N.V. was founded in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and an Initial Public Offering (IPO) took place in Germany, where Smartrac shares were listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.[2]

The company’s growth continued, supported by the acquisition of several RFID companies from the US, Germany and Finland. The JP Morgan-owned private equity firm One Equity Partners agreed to the leveraged buyout of Smartrac on 30 August 2010,[3] resulting in the removal of the company from the TecDAX exchange, effective on 29 May 2013.[4] By 2012, the acquired businesses had been integrated into the Smartrac Group, and group-wide marketing activities were launched. Since the launch of its Cloud-based enablement platform Smart Cosmos in 2014,[5] Smartrac has been working toward its evolution into a provider of holistic solutions related to the Internet of Things (IoT).

In November 2016, Smartrac announced that it would sell its Secure ID & Transactions (SIT) Business Division to Linxens Group, France, in order to focus more on IoT-related solutions.[6] The sale was completed in April 2017.[7]


Smartrac’s RFID products are available in three primary frequency ranges (LF, HF/NFC, UHF), as tags (either flexible or hard-cased) and inlays.[8]

Since 2015, Smartrac has introduced a range of passive sensing inlays to measure moisture and temperature conditions in industrial, healthcare and many other applications.[9][10] From that product line, Sensor Tadpole was voted “Best New Product” at the 2016 RFID Journal Awards in Orlando.[11] In 2014, Smartrac introduced its IoT enablement platform Smart Cosmos,[12] which serves as a basis for a developing portfolio of solutions that are currently aimed at brand product manufacturers, retailers, supply chain management and logistics.[13]


After selling its Secure ID & Transactions Business Division (which addressed RFID inlays for electronic passports (ePassports), contactless credit cards (ePayment), public transport and access control markets), Smartrac is active in numerous markets or application areas[14] including:

Animal Identification: diverse solutions for animal identification depending on the field of application and the size of the animal.

Car Access: The product portfolio comprises various types of glass tags, plastic bricks and systems on chips (SoCs) for applications such as car immobilizers, remote control, passive keyless entry and remote keyless entry.

Healthcare: Smartrac’s products help track or identify patients and personnel, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, instruments, bloodbags or different kinds of samples; and provide support to prevent human error and medical malpractice.

Industrial Applications/Automotive: The RFID product portfolio covers applications such as industrial manufacturing automation, in-bound and out-bound logistics, oil, gas, chemical industries, laundry, and many more. Industry-optimized transponders withstand harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures, chemicals, shocks, vibrations and rough handling.

Consumer brand product manufacturers and retail: Smartrac offers RFID and IoT solutions to enhance the consumer experience and optimize the performance of stores. These solutions are described in detail under the Smartrac operated URL

Supply Chain & Asset Management: a broad product portfolio of RFID transponders that significantly increase the overall efficiency of global logistic chains by automating product identification and tracking processes.


Smartrac has publicly announced[15] substantial partnerships with various companies, e.g.:

Dipole RFID

Future Electronics

Catalyst (a subsidiary of Li & Fung)

RR Donnelley


and supports diverse organizations and standards, such as:


NFC Forum


Corporate Social Responsibility[edit]

Smartrac follows the definition of the European Commission, according to which Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is ‘a concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their interaction with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis.’[16]

The company is an endorser of and participant in the UN Global Compact, meaning that it is committed to actively promoting and respecting 10 principles on human rights, labor standards, environment and anti-corruption within the company and in relation to external stakeholders.[17]

Smartrac is also committed to providing a production concept with minimal ecological impact. With this aim in view, the company is pursuing ISO 14001 certification of its facilities. All its products are ‘halogen-free’ and meet the requirements of the IEC 61249-2-21 specifications.[18]


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