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Smartsheet Horizontal Logo.png
A screenshot of Smartsheet's user interface
A screenshot of Smartsheet's user interface
Developer(s)Smartsheet Inc.
Initial release2006
PlatformWeb, iOS, and Android
Available inEnglish, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Russian and Japanese[1]
TypeProject management, collaboration and productivity software

Smartsheet is a software as a service (SaaS) application for collaboration and work management that is developed and marketed by Smartsheet Inc. It is used to assign tasks, track project progress, manage calendars, share documents, and manage other work. It has a spreadsheet-like user interface. As of 2016, Smartsheet is used by 10 million people at 85,000 organizations. It was initially unpopular until a redesign in 2010, which was followed by an increase in adoption and larger funding rounds.

Smartsheet service[edit]

Smartsheet is used to collaborate on project timelines, documents, calendars, tasks and other work.[2][3] According to IDG, it is "part office productivity, part project management, part document sharing ... [it] is trying to be the central hub for how people work."[4] Smartsheet combines some of the functionality of Microsoft Excel, Project, Access and Sharepoint.[2][5] It competes with Microsoft Project.[6] As of 2016, there were 10 million users in 85,000 organizations.[7]


According to Forbes, Smartsheet has "a relatively simple" user interface.[2] The interface centers on "smartsheets," which are similar to spreadsheets typically found in Microsoft Excel.[8][9] Each smartsheet can have its rows expanded or collapsed to see individual tasks or large-scale project progress respectively. Tasks can be sorted by deadline, priority or the person assigned to them.[10] If a spreadsheet contains dates, Smartsheet will create a calendar view.[10]

Each row in a smartsheet may have files attached to it, emails stored within it, and a discussion board associated with it.[6][10] When a new smartsheet is created, notifications are pushed out to staff to populate its rows and columns.[11] As information is updated, other smartsheets tracking the same task, project or data-point are updated automatically.[8][9] The service also has alerts for when a task deadline is coming up,[10][12] and keeps track of document versions.[6]

Smartsheet can import data from Microsoft Office or Google applications.[2][6] The software integrates with services like, Dropbox and Amazon Web Services.[3][12] There is also a Smartsheet mobile app for Android and iPhone operating systems.[9] Smartsheet is sold on a subscription basis with no free version.[9]


Smartsheet's original user interface in 2006

Smartsheet was first introduced in 2006. According to the company's co-founder, Brent Frei, initial adoption was slow because the software was too difficult to use.[13][14] At the end of its first year, it had only 10,000 users.[15] The company began making changes to the software in 2008, eventually cutting 60 percent of its features for the purpose of making it more user-friendly.[2][13] Following the 2010 launch of the redesign, adoption grew to 1 million users at 20,000 organizations by 2012.[13]

Integration with Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure were added in 2014.[16] That October the Account Map tool was introduced, which uses an algorithm to visualize the flow of work across groups of employees.[17][18] In August 2014, version 2.0 of the Smartsheet iOS app was introduced. It made a spreadsheet-like user interface the focus of the app's user interface, whereas previously the mobile interface was different than the spreadsheet-oriented desktop version.[19]

In 2015, Smartsheet started introducing closer integrations with Microsoft Office products, in part thanks to changes Microsoft was making in their products to work better with third-party software.[20][21] In January 2015, Smartsheet added support for Microsoft's identity management software Azure Active Directory, which allowed users to log into products like Excel and Smartsheet with the same login.[21][22] Users can also now make changes to smartsheets directly from Microsoft Outlook.[20] In 2016 Smartsheet introduced Sights, a configurable dashboard that shows metrics such as how a team is performing against key performance indicators.[4]

Smartsheet Inc.[edit]

Smartsheet Inc.
HeadquartersBellevue, Washington
Number of employees
760 (2017) Edit this on Wikidata

Smartsheet Inc. is a publicly-listed company that develops and markets the Smartsheet application. As of 2017, it has about 760 employees[23] and is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington[24] The company was founded in the summer of 2006, shortly after co-founder Brent Frei sold his prior company, Onyx Software.[2][15][25] Initially it was funded mostly by Frei.[2] About a year after its founding, Smartsheet had raised $4 million in funding and had just nine employees.[15] By early 2012 it had raised $8.2 million in funding over three rounds and hired its first salesperson.[12][13]

After the Smartsheet software was redesigned in 2010, the company's revenues grew by more than 100 percent each year, for four consecutive years.[26] It raised $26 million in funding in December 2012[3][13] and another $35 million in May 2014.[12] In 2017, the company raised an additional $52.1 million in funding.[27] In 2018 it was announced that Smartsheet acquired Converse.AI, a Scotland-based company that develops software for creating business automation bots.[28]

The company began trading on the New York Stock Exchange on April 27, 2018.[29]


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