Smashing Orange

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Smashing Orange
Smashing Orange.jpg
Smashing Orange, 1994
Background information
Origin Wilmington, Delaware, USA
Genres Alternative rock
Years active 1990–1995
Labels Native, Ringers Lactate, Chameleon, MCA, Elelphant Stone
Past members Rob Montejo (vocals)
Sara Montejo (vocals)
Rick Hodgson (guitar)
Steve Wagner (bass)
Tim Supplee (drums)
Stroller White (drums)

Smashing Orange was an American band formed in 1990. They released three albums before splitting up in the mid-1990s. Their early sound saw them classified as shoegazing.


The band was formed by siblings Rob and Sara Montejo, with Rick Hodgson, Steve Wagner, and Tim Supplee, all of whom worked together in a local record store, and had left or dropped out of college prior to forming the band.[1] When Lush played at The Marquee Club in London, Smashing Orange provided the support, unfortunately Sara was unable to enter the UK as she was under 16, so the band played their European tour as a four piece. The band was signed by UK label Native Records,[2] their first release being the single "My Deranged Heart" in April 1991, gaining comparisons with the likes of My Bloody Valentine and Galaxie 500.[1] Their sound has also been described as sounding "like Ride would if they had any balls about them".[3] This was followed a month later by a self-titled mini-album, and in November of that year by second single "Not Very Much To See".[1]

Their gig at the Camden Rock Garden London, was reviewed in the NME []thus "Mudhoney meet My Bloody Valentine on a cold Thursday night in north London. Outside its raining, inside the crowd is drenched by a steam like mist, a stirring hum and crackle, as Rick Hodgson swaying gently over his low strung guitar peels out the opening chords of My Deranged Heart. its especially fine. Rob Montejo wails, a swirling vocal that build with the guitar to deliver a thundering finish - a tormented element beneath a veneer of tempered and serene melodies. zippi

And the gig at Couvent des Recollets, Paris as "one of the best kept secrets the Americans have yet produced. Smashing Orange storm Europe. They cling to their napkin sized stage, helplessly bobbing along on the maelstrom they have unleashed and their set spontaneously combusts only after two hours when they have played every song the know. The French will remember their concert here for some time and Smashing Orange are unlikely to forget Paris, either. Zippi

While they were in the UK, Native arranged for them to record a session for the John Peel BBC radio show, which was broadcast in February 1992.[4] Native released the mini albumAbove Ming Gardens in 1992.

Their first full-length album, The Glass Bead Game, was released in 1992, with third album, 1994's No Return in the End seeing a shift in style towards a harder garage rock sound, and also a move to MCA Records. Sara Montejo had left earlier and Supplee had been replaced on drums by Stroller White, but a disappointing response to the album saw the band split soon after its release.

An anthology of their early work, 1991 was issued by Elephant Stone Records in 2005.

The Sky Drops[edit]

Rob Montejo went on to form Love American Style, releasing "Undo" on Oxygen Records. He then formed the short-lived, My Wig is On. They released an internet-only EP in 2002. In 2004, he released a self-titled internet-only full length. He is currently in the gaze-grunge duo The Sky Drops with Monika Bullette (drums/vocals). Their first EP Clouds of People was released in 2006. Their debut full length Bourgeois Beat was released in the Summer of 2009. The EP "Making Mountains" was released in June 2011. They performed at the 2011 Austin Psych Fest 4.



  • "My Deranged Heart" (Native/Ringers Lactate) 1991
  • "Not Very Much To See" (Native) 1991
  • track" My Deranged Heart" included on album "Guitar and Drums" a native document (native)1991


  • Smashing Orange (Native) 1991
  • Above Ming Gardens (Native) 1992
  • The Glass Bead Game (American Native) 1992
  • No Return In The End (MCA) 1994
  • 1991 (Elephant Stone) 2005


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