Smažený sýr

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Smažený sýr
Smazeny syr smazeni prvni strana.jpg
Smažený sýr being fried in oil
Alternative names Vyprážaný syr
Place of origin Czech Republic and Slovakia
Main ingredients Cheese, flour, eggs, bread crumbs
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Smažený sýr (Czech pronunciation: [ˈsmaʒɛniː ˈsiːr], or Vyprážaný syr (Slovak pronunciation: [ˈvipraːʒaniː ˈsir]) – both meaning "fried cheese" – is a Czech and Slovak cheese-based dish, widely consumed in both countries of the former state of Czechoslovakia.

Fried Gruyère/Swiss cheese, served with tartar sauce and side salad.

A slice of cheese (which is usually Edam, but may also be Hermelín or Niva in the Czech Republic, Emmental in Slovakia) about 1.5 cm thick is first breaded with flour, egg, and bread crumbs and then fried either in a pan or deep-fat fryer. It is often served accompanied by a side salad, potatoes (fries or boiled potatoes), and, typically, tartar sauce or mayonnaise. The dish may also be prepared with a thin slice of ham inserted between two slices of cheese, and in Czech fast food outlets it is often served in the form of a sandwich – in something similar to a hamburger bun.

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