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Smear may refer to:

  • A smear test, wherein a sample is smeared over a microscope slide to be studied for any pathology
    • A smear test usually refers to a pap test, that is, a cervical smear
  • Smear (card game)
  • Smear Lake, a lake in Wisconsin
  • Smear campaign, or smear job, an attack on the reputation of an individual or group making use of disinformation tactics
  • Smear Campaign (album), an album by Napalm Death
  • Pat Smear, the guitarist and actor
  • Smear (optics), motion that degrades sharpness, which is generally linear over the integration time
  • Colloquial name for a glissando, a glide from one musical pitch to another

Smearing may refer to:

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  • Smeared, the debut studio album by Canadian rock band Sloan