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Smell and Quim is a freeform improvised noise band, composed of Milovan Srdenovic, Stewart Keith (né Walden, then Bizarro, then Treize), Simon "Harris", Kate Fear, and Michael Gillham.


Their output has largely been concerned with diverse (and frequently taboo) topics such as fetishism, alcoholism, pornography, medical terminology (in the vein of Goregrind bands such as Carcass) and necrophilia and is of a nihilistic and absurdist nature. Their rare live shows (which often feature colourful and surreal costumes) straddle the line between music and performance art. Their performance at the Deaf Forever festival run by the Termite Club in Leeds on 28 May 2007 resulted in the entire festival being ejected from the venue, due to the mutilation and burning of a pig's head.

CD discography[edit]

  • "Your Enemy's Balls / What's Your Health Problem" [Red Stream, USA]
  • "Diameter of Elvis' Colon" [Pure/RRR, USA]
  • "Fanny Batter" (S&Q and Onomatopoeia) [Cheeses International, UK]
  • "Oral" [Red Stream, USA]
  • "Meat / Pregnant Asian Special" CD + cassette [Old Europa Cafe, Italy]
  • "Deep Greek" (S&Q and Dachise) [Catch 23, UK]
  • "Porn Again" [Solipsism, USA]
  • "Go Down for the Gravy - LIVE" [Fiend, UK]
  • "Spaceshit" produced by Holly Hero of Spintronix [Mental Guru, UK]
  • "Powerfuck" [L.White, Germany]
  • "Korova Scum Haters" (reissue - collab. with Goldenrod/Streicher) (Industrial Recollections, Finland]
  • "A Sod's As Good As A Wank To A Blind Arse" (reissue) [Industrial Recollections, Finland]
  • "The Christmas Album" (reissue) [Industrial Recollections, Finland]
  • "Lavatory" [Monopolka, Russia]

Vinyl discography[edit]

  • "Jesus Christ" LP [SHF, UK]
  • "The Jissom Killers" LP [Tesco Organisation, Germany]
  • "Stephen Hawking's Buttplug" LP [Giadia,USA]
  • "Rough Skin" (S&Q and Priest in Shit) Picture LP [Little Mafia, USA]

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