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Smet is a Dutch occupational surname. Smet is a regional form of Smid ("Smith") and is equivalent to the more abundant surname Smit.[1] It is common in East Flanders.[2] People named Smet include:

  • David Smet (born 1966), French singer/songwriter and amateur sports car racer
  • Eugenia Smet (1825–1871), French founder of the Society of Helpers of the Holy Souls
  • Henrich Smet (1535/7-1614), Flemish court physician and humanist
  • Kathleen Smet (born 1970), Belgian triathlete
  • Jean-Philippe Smet (born 1943), French singer and actor, father of David and Laura
  • Laura Smet (born 1983), French actress
  • de:Marc Smet (born 1951), Belgian long distance runner
  • Miet Smet (born 1943), Belgian politician
  • Mike Smet (born 1991), Belgian footballer
  • Pascal Smet (born 1967), Belgian politician, Flemish government minister
  • Tony Smet (born 1870), Belgian fencer

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