Smile, Mom

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Smile, Mom
Genre Drama
Written by Kim Soon-ok
Directed by Hong Sung-chang
Starring Lee Mi-sook
Park Won-sook
Ji Soo-won
Yoon Jung-hee
Lee Jae-hwang
Go Eun-mi
Kang Min-kyung
Im Ye-jin
Kim Yong-gun
Kim Jin-woo
Seo Jun-young
Country of origin South Korea
Original language(s) Korean
No. of episodes 50
Location(s) Korea
Running time Saturdays and Sundays at 20:50 (KST)
Original network Seoul Broadcasting System
Original release 6 November 2010 (2010-11-06) – 24 April 2011 (2011-04-24)
Preceded by Definitely Neighbors
Followed by My Love By My Side
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Smile, Mom (Hangul웃어요, 엄마; RRUseoyo, Eomma) is a 2010 South Korean television drama starring Lee Mi-sook, Park Won-sook, Ji Soo-won, Yoon Jung-hee, Go Eun-mi and Lee Jae-hwang. The weekend theater drama aired on SBS from November 6, 2010 to April 24, 2011 on Saturdays and Sundays at 20:50 for 50 episodes.


Smile Mom covers the reconciliation and love stories of 3 pairs of mothers and daughters.

Jo Bok-hee (Lee Mi-sook) is the mother of three children Shin Dal-rae (Kang Min-kyung), Shin Meo-roo (Lee Jae-hwang) and Shin So-ra (Jung Ji-ahn). For their own well being, Jo Bok-hee pushes them hard to succeed. Shin Dal-rae is a top talent and since she was a young child, she has been dragged to broadcasting companies for auditions. Because of her shy and introverted personality, Shin Dal-rae hates to be in front of the camera, but after her mother and father fought over money, Shin Dal-rae has just followed her mother's will. Shin Meo-roo is Jo Bok-hee's first son and is married to Kang Shin-young (Yoon Jung-hee). He has a bad habit of being a womanizer. Growing up under the strong will of his mother, Shin Meo-roo has also become a bit of a mama's boy. He is popular and thought to be kind, but he is not responsible and double-faced.

Park Soon-ja (Park Won-sook) is the mother of Kang Shin-young and Kang Do-young. Under her husband's patriarchal attitude, she raised her children and also took care of her parents-in-law and husband. Kang Shin-young assists her husband Shin Meo-roo, who is a politician. She even writes his draft speeches on his behalf. To promote her husband's kind image she showcases her life to the public. Older brother Kang Do-young (Seo Dong-won) is incompetent, troubled, and vain.

Yoon Min-joo (Ji Soo-won) is the mother of Bae Yeon-woo (Kim Jin-woo) and Bae Yeon-seo (Yeo Min-joo). She was dumped by her husband and raised her two kids alone. Even as a single mother she was able to become a professor. Yoon Min-joo is close friends with Jo Bok-hee. Nevertheless, because Yoon Min-joo was dumped by her husband she has gained a twisted mind. Her son Bae Yeon-woo is the society reporter for a newspaper. His character is cynical, critical and rough. Because of his father, he is indifferent to his mother, hates his family and does not want to marry. Daughter Bae Yeon-seo constantly defies her mother so there's always conflict between the two.


Shin family
Kang family
Bae family
  • Kim Jin-woo as Bae Yeon-woo
  • Yeo Min-joo as Bae Yeon-seo
Extended cast
  • Park Sung-min as Goo Hyun-se
  • Seo Jun-young as Lee Kang-so
  • Choi Sung-ho as drama PD
  • Jung Han-hun as Park Eui-won
  • Won Jong-rye as Eui-won's wife
  • Jung Chan as Choi Jung-won
  • Lee Mi-eun as Hye-ryun
  • Lee Hyun-kyung as Kang-so's sister
  • Kim Gyu-jin
Guest appearance

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