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Origin Sweden
Genres Bubblegum pop, bubblegum dance, Eurodance, Disco
Years active 1998–present
Labels EMI Music Japan[1]
Dreamusic Incorporated[2][3]
Universal Music[4]
Members Veronica Almqvist (1998-present)
Past members Nina Boquist (1998-2000)
Malin Kernby (2000-2008)
Hanna Stockzell (2008-2010)
Cecilia Reiskog (2010-2013) (sometimes written or Smile-dk, pronounced Smile D-K) is a Swedish bubblegum dance group with Veronica Almqvist as the only current member. The band is known for many songs featured in music video games such as Dance Dance Revolution and In the Groove. These include "Butterfly", "Golden Sky", "Boys", "Mr. Wonderful", "Petit Love", "Koko Soko", "A Geisha's Dream" (with Naoki Maeda), and "Dancing All Alone". They have regularly appeared on the albums of the popular dance compilation Dancemania series since its tenth issue, including many of its sub-series such as Dancemania Speed.[5] has been one of the most featured bubblegum/Eurodance acts in the Dancemania series, along with the likes of Captain Jack and E-Rotic.


Veronica Almqvist and Nina Boquist first formed as Smile, and released their first album Smile in 1998. It received significant attention in Japan. The first single from the album, "Butterfly", was licensed by Konami and featured in the first release of Dance Dance Revolution,[6] a popular dance video game. The second single from the album, "Boys", pays homage to Sabrina Salerno's hit "Boys (Summertime Love)". The album was later re-released with new artwork and bonus tracks in Japan, where it was certified gold for 100,000 copies shipped to stores.[7]

After the release of Smile, Boquist left the band to start a solo career and was replaced by Malin Kernby. During this time, the band name was changed from Smile to, as they were being marketed in Denmark. They released two studio albums under this line-up, Future Girls in 2000 and Golden Sky in 2002.

In 2005, according to their manager, had begun a hiatus due to both Almqvist and Kernby having become married;[citation needed] Kernby with a child on the way. However, he did not believe that would become defunct,[citation needed] which proved correct with their return, albeit without Kernby.

Return, Line-up changes & new album[edit]

In early 2008,'s producers Jamie Thompson (J-Mi/DJ Slash/MC Jay) & Dick Örnå (Mr. Dee) announced at the Forums that would be returning in 2008 with a worldwide single, "Doki Doki", and a new album, Party Around The World. It was also announced that Kernby would be leaving the group, and Hanna Stockzell later joined. Then-new singer Stockzell performed in all of the songs on Party Around The World except for "Doki Doki" which featured only Almqvist and Kernby, despite Kernby no longer being an active member. (with Almqvist and Stockzell) performed live at San Japan, an anime convention located in San Antonio, Texas, USA, on August 9, 2008. This was the first time they have ever performed in North America.[8] They also performed live at Sakura-Con 2009 in Seattle, Washington, USA, on April 10–12, 2009.[9]

Line-up changes, new single & pregnancy[edit]

In April 2010, it was announced that Stockzell would be leaving for personal reasons and to start a solo career under her real name Hanna Stockzell. It was also announced that Cecilia Reiskog would be joining as the new member of[10]

On December 20, 2011, they released their first single from the new line-up called "Moshi Moshi", which was delayed in some countries until May 2012 due to issues with its release. An animated music video for "Moshi Moshi" was uploaded to's official YouTube channel in early 2012. Later in 2012, they also confirmed that a new song was being recorded called "Baby Boom", due to both Veronica and Cecilia having become pregnant around the same time frame. While work for's new album continued,'s progress slowed down so Veronica and Cecilia could focus on their personal lives.

Cecilia's departure, "Forever" & China tour[edit]

On October 6th, 2013, Cecilia Reiskog announced on's official Facebook page that she would be leaving to focus on her personal life. Veronica later confirmed that she had decided to continue by herself and would not be adding a new member.

In 2014, Veronica confirmed the new album is almost finished and will be prepared for release soon and that any songs featuring Cecilia will not be re-recorded and will be released as they are, making "The Make-Up Collection" Cecilia's first and only album with She also confirmed on March 10th on the official fanpage that she is currently recording a new version of "Dragonfly" for the album.

As of 2015, Veronica has confirmed that "The Make-Up Collection" is almost ready for release and that she will announce the release date when it is ready.

On August 14, 2015, Veronica announced that will be going on tour from October 30-November 8 in China. Later on October 25, she announced on Facebook page that the upcoming album will be titled "Forever" and it will be released in early 2016. The China tour was also moved to early 2016 to coincide with the album release.

On November 26, 2015, "Our Little Corner", the new single was released worldwide on major digital music stores.





Compilation Only & Other[edit]

Music Videos[edit]

  • Butterfly (1998)
  • Mr. Wonderful (1998)
  • Boys (1999)
  • Doo Be Di Boy (2000)
  • Domo Domo Domo (2002)
  • Moshi Moshi (2011)


  • 10 (1998), X1 (1999), X5 (2000), X7 (2000), X8 (2001)
  • Delux : 3 (1999), 4 (2000)
  • Speed : 2 (1999), 3 (1999), Best 2001 (2000), 6 (2001)
Speed G : 1 (2003), 2 (2003)
  • Happy Paradise : 1 (2000), 2 (2001)
  • Best Red (2002)
  • Ex : 2 (2003), 4 (2003)
  • Hyper Delux (2003)
  • Treasure (2006)

Video game discography[edit]

Song Game Hardware Region Release date
Butterfly Dance Dance Revolution Arcade Japan 1998.11.21
Boys Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMix Arcade Japan 1999.1.19
Butterfly (Upswing Mix) Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMix Arcade Japan 1999.10.30
Mr. Wonderful Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMix Arcade Japan 1999.10.30
Boys (Euro Mix) Dance Dance Revolution 4thMix
Dance Maniax 2ndMix
Arcade Japan 2000.7.24
Petit Love Dance Dance Revolution 4thMix Plus
Dance Maniax 2ndMix
Arcade Japan 2000.7.24
Dancing All Alone Dance Dance Revolution 5thMix Arcade Japan 2001.3.27
Golden Sky Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova Arcade Europe 2006.4.28
Kissy Kissy Ez2Dancer UK Move Special Edition Arcade UK 2003.4.??
Butterfly (Delaction Mix) Pop'n Music Carnival (13) PS2 Japan 2006.??.??
Doki Doki (Panik Mix) Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3 Xbox 360 US 2008.11.??
Koko Soko Dance Dance Revolution X Arcade Japan 2008.12.24
A Geisha's Dream Dance Dance Revolution X Arcade/PS2 Japan 2009.01.29
Butterfly Re-rave
A Geisha's Dream (Ruffage remix) Dance Dance Revolution S iPhone Japan/US 2009.02.25
Moshi Moshi ReRave Arcade Japan/US 2011.03.18


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