Smile (American band)

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Origin Orange County, California, United States
Genres Post-punk,[1] grunge, psychedelic rock, emo-core[2]
Years active 1992–2003, 2013
Labels Atlantic, Headhunter

Smile was an American rock band.

20 Year Reunion Shows[edit]

In February 2013, Scott Reeder, Michael Rosas and Aaron Sonnenberg reunited to play 3 shows in Southern California


Rosas and Sonnenberg, who were both attending Woodbridge High School, formed Smile in 1992. After placing an advertisement in the Recycler for a drummer, they found Reeder,[3] which completed the band's lineup for the next seven years as a trio.[1] Encompassing genres of both grunge and psychedelic rock,[4] they released their first album, called Resin. Smile did not emerge from Orange County until 1995,[5] from the success of their album Maquee.

The style of music of Smile has been described as "rage-filled rock" with "scraping guitars and screaming vocals".[4] Some of their influences include The Kinks, The Melvins, early Pink Floyd, and The Seeds.[5] They signed under Headhunter, a San Diego-based label, and Atlantic in 1994,[6] but left Atlantic during the recording sessions of their second album, due to a growing resistance the band felt towards the label. They remained under Headhunter.[3] In 1999, the band added keyboardist Matt Fletcher. In 2001, Scott Reeder left the band to join Fu Manchu. In 2003, Michael broke up the band.


On July 18, 1995 Smile released their album Maquee,[7] which had been completed the previous year, September 1994. The first single from their album was "Staring at the sun", which received airplay on the radio,[8] and charted on College Music Journal's Metal chart in November 1995.[6] Following the release of the album, Smile toured with the band Inch.[8]

Girl Crushes Boy[edit]

Their follow-up album Girl Crushes Boy was released November 24, 1998, under Cargo and Headhunter.[9]


  • Rosas, Michael • vocals, guitar (1992-2003)
  • Reeder, Scott • drums (1992–1999)
  • Sonnenberg, Aaron • bass guitar (1992–1998)
  • Fletcher, James • drums (2001–2003)
  • Fletcher, Matt • keyboard (1999–2003)
  • Thomson, Bob • bass guitar (1998–2003)
  • Information on band members.[3][10]



  • 5 Song Demo EP • 2001
  • Girl Crushes Boy • 1998
  • Album Information.[11]
  • Masterlocks + 3 EP • 1996
  • Sleepover EP • 1996
  • Maquee • 1995
  • Resin EP • 1993
  • Bus Vol. 1 EP • 1992
  • Amanita EP • 1991


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