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The Co-operative Bank plc
trading as Smile
Trading name
Industry Banking
Founded 1999 (1999)
Headquarters Stockport, United Kingdom
Key people
Niall Booker,  Chief Executive, The Co-operative Bank
Products Retail banking

Smile, or, is a British internet bank, and a trading name of The Co-operative Bank. It was established as the UK's first full internet bank in 1999. Other banks, like Egg and First-e, had opened in previous years but Smile was the first to offer full-service current accounts, savings, ISAs, investments and credit cards. The bank's principal offices are located in the King's Valley Pyramid building in Stockport.

The Co-operative Bank operates an ethical banking policy, screening potential business customers against its standards, such as links with tobacco, the arms trade, and animal testing of cosmetics. Since 2001, the bank has consulted Smile customers in its regular reviews of this policy. The Co-operative Bank turned away £10 million of business because of their ethical policy during 2005.[1]

Smile was the first UK online bank to be accredited with the ISO27001 information security certification.[2] It has received several industry and consumer and ethical awards.[3]

The bank was launched to TV adverts featuring the song Smile by The Supernaturals.[citation needed]


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