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Smint is a type of breath mint. Every Smint candy has a triangular shape with an engraved "S".


Smint mini-mint pastilles were the first product from Spanish multinational Chupa Chups S.A designed for an adult market. In the 1990s Chupa Chups targeted adult customers wanting a sugar free product. After four years of development, Smint was introduced to the market in 1994 as a subsidiary brand.

Main ingredients[edit]

Aspartame, Xylitol, flavoring, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, and phenylalanine are used to make Smint. It has been demonstrated to have a plaque-reducing effect by attracting and starving the sucrose-seeking micro-organisms that cause tooth decay.[citation needed]

Smint has been endorsed by Toothfriendly, an international dental ratings organization.

Smint & gum[edit]

Each piece is composed of one layer of chewing gum and another of Smint candy. Smint & Gum is available in the following flavors: fresh mint & strong mint, strawberry and blackberry; in blister packs containing 8 pieces or in a bottle containing 50 pieces.


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