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Logo of Smint

Smint is a type of breath mint. All mint candies have a triangular shape and many are engraved with an "S". They are known for their packaging that dispenses one mint at a time. Smint stands for sugar free mint.


Smint began to be developed by Chupa Chups in 1990.[1] In the 1990s Chupa Chups targeted adult customer wanting a sugar free product.[1] After four years of development, Smint was introduced to the market in 1994 as a subsidiary brand.[1] It was launched in the UK in 1995,[1] and in 1996 Smint started their "No Smint, no kiss" campaign.[1] By 2001, Smint was the top-selling mint in its class in 90% of the markets where it was available.[2] Also in 2001, Smint started a partnership with Breast Cancer Care, which continues to this day.[1] In 2003, Smint started advertising the health benefits of Xylitol in their product,[1] and in 2006, Smint and Chupa Chups were taken over by Perfetti Van Melle.[1] In 2009, Smint launched Smint-XXL tins in the UK, which are three times larger than regular Smint dispensers.[1]

Main ingredients[edit]

Aspartame, Xylitol, flavoring, and anticaking agent are used to make Smint in the UK.[3] Xylitol has been demonstrated to have a plaque-reducing effect by attracting and starving the sucrose-seeking micro-organisms that cause tooth decay.[4]

Smint is endorsed by Toothfriendly, an international dental ratings organization.[5]


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