Red-cheeked dunnart

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Red-cheeked dunnart[1]
Scientific classification
S. virginiae
Binomial name
Sminthopsis virginiae
(de Tarragon, 1847)
Red-cheeked Dunnart.JPG
Red-cheeked dunnart range

Phascologale virginiae

The red-cheeked dunnart (Sminthopsis virginiae) is so called because of the distinctive red hair on its cheek. It is an Australasian marsupial. Its total length is 167–270 mm; its average body length is 80–135 mm with a tail of 87–135 mm. Ear length is 12–13 mm. Its weight varies between 18 and 75 grams. Its tail is thin and pale pink.

Distribution and habitat[edit]

The red-cheeked dunnart is distributed in Australia and New Guinea. The nominate subspecies S. v. virginiae occurs in the Queensland around the North Gulf, NE coasts, Mackay to Cape York. Subspecies S. v. nitela inhabits the Kimberley's to the top of Northern Territory. Habitat includes woodlands, open rocky forests, savannah grasslands, swamps, soaks and margins of tropical forests.

Social organisation and breeding[edit]

The behaviour of the red-cheecked dunnart, like most Sminthopsis species, is not well known. They breed from October to March. Young are gestated for 15 days and weaned at 65–70 days with maturity by 4–6 months.


Its typical diet includes mainly small reptiles.


There are three recognised subspecies of the red-cheeked dunnart:[1]


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