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Smith's Bible Dictionary, 1863

Smith's Bible Dictionary, originally named A Dictionary of the Bible, was a 19th-century Bible dictionary containing upwards of four thousand entries that became named after its editor, William Smith. Its popularity was such that condensed dictionaries appropriated the title, "Smith's Bible Dictionary".

The original dictionary was published as a three volume set in 1863, in London and Boston, USA. This first edition was followed in 1893 by an expanded four volume version which was published in the United States as A dictionary of the Bible comprising its antiquities, biography, geography, and natural history, edited by Smith and J. M. Fuller.

The original publications are now in the public domain; some derivative, commercial versions are still in copyright.


  • A Dictionary of the Bible edited by William Smith (3 volumes: London, John Murray, 1863).
  • A Dictionary of the Bible edited by William Smith, 2nd edition (3 volumes: London, John Murray, March 1893). (It is actually 4 volumes: vol. 1, vol. 1a, vol. 2, and vol. 3.)
  • Dictionary of the Bible (4 volumes: Boston, W. Smith, 1884).

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