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Smith & Caughey Ltd
Industry Retail
Founded 1880
Headquarters Auckland, New Zealand
Products apparel, cosmetics, accessories, homewares, furniture, general merchandise
Slogan '
The Queen and Wellesley Street West facades of the Queen Street store in the Auckland CBD
The smaller Smith & Caughey's on Broadway in Newmarket

Smith & Caughey Ltd, trading as Smith & Caughey's is a mid-sized department store chain (consisting of just two shops) in Auckland, New Zealand, and is considered to be a top-range store.[1]

One of the older companies of the country, it was established in 1880 by Marianne Smith as a drapery store,[2][3] and is the oldest Auckland department store.[4] Currently, it is mostly fashion-oriented,[2] with sections of jewelry and homewares.

The company has two stores in Auckland; on Queen Street, City Centre and Broadway, Newmarket. The Newmarket store is a mid-1880s heritage building constructed by the company.[5] The Queen Street store, also in an old heritage building, was once famous for its 'Chefs Bar' established by Otto Groen.[6]

Current departments include Cosmetics, Men's & Women's Fragrance, Wellbeing, Men's Grooming, Men's Clothing, Men's Underwear & Accessories, Jewellery, Handbags, Hosiery, Women's Accessories, Women's Fashion & Lingerie at both the Queen Street and Newmarket stores. Additionally Fine Foods & Wines, Men's & Women's Shoes, Luggage, Tableware, Kitchenware, Bed & Bathware, Childrenswear & Toys are available at the Queen Street flagship store.[7] The company launched online shopping on its existing website in August 2013.[8]


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