Smith & Wesson 459

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Smith & Wesson 459
Smith and Wesson 459.jpg
Production history
DesignerSmith & Wesson
ManufacturerSmith & Wesson
Cartridge9mm x 19mm Parabellum
ActionShort recoil, locked breech
Feed systembox magazine

The Smith and Wesson 459 was an updated version of the Model 59 with adjustable sights and checkered nylon grips. It was created for the US XM9 Pistol trials.[1][2] It was a 9mm double/single action handgun with locked breech short recoil action.

This handgun did not complete the test and so was not considered.[3] Testing procedures are discussed in the book Future Weapons.[4] and also at Firearms Radio XM9 Testing

This model was discontinued in 1988. 803 units were produced in a brush finish with special grips made to FBI specifications.

The photograph here is of a handgun that is in the museum at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Aberdeen, MD.


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