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Smith & Caughey Ltd
Industry Retail
Founded 1880
Headquarters Auckland, New Zealand
Products apparel, cosmetics, accessories, homewares, furniture, general merchandise
The Queen and Wellesley Street West facades of the Queen Street store in the Auckland CBD
The smaller Smith & Caughey's on Broadway in Newmarket

Smith & Caughey Ltd, trading as Smith & Caughey's is a mid-sized department store chain (consisting of just two premises) in Auckland, New Zealand, and is considered to be a top-range retail store.[1]

One of the older companies of the country, it was established in 1880 by Marianne Smith as a drapery store,[2][3] and is the oldest Auckland department store.[4] Currently, it is mostly fashion-oriented,[3] with sections of jewellery and homewares.

The company has two stores in Auckland; on Queen Street, City Centre, and Broadway, Newmarket. The flagship Queen Street store, in a heritage building, was once famous for its 'Chefs Bar' established by Otto Groen.[5] The Newmarket store is a mid-1880s heritage building constructed by the company.[6]

Current departments include Cosmetics, Men's & Women's Fragrance, Wellbeing, Men's Grooming, Men's Clothing, Men's Underwear & Accessories, Jewellery, Handbags, Hosiery, Women's Accessories, Women's Fashion & Lingerie at both the Queen Street and Newmarket stores. Additionally Fine Foods & Wines, Men's & Women's Shoes, Luggage, Tableware, Kitchenware, Bed & Bathware, Childrenswear & Toys are available at the Queen Street store.[7] The company launched online shopping on its existing website in August 2013.[8]


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