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A system of taxonomy of the cryptogams, the Smith system was published in

Smith, G.M. (1938). Cryptogamic Botany, vol. 1. Algae and fungi. McGraw-Hill, New York.
Smith, G.M. (1955). Cryptogamic Botany, vol. 2. Bryophytes and pteridophytes. 2nd ed. McGraw-Hill, New York.

Division Chlorophyta[edit]

Division Euglenophyta[edit]

Division Pyrrophyta[edit]

Division Chrysophyta[edit]

Division Phaeophyta[edit]

Division Cyanophyta[edit]

Division Rhodophyta[edit]

Division Myxothallophyta[edit]

Division Eumycetae[edit]

Division Bryophyta[edit]

Division Psilophyta[edit]

Division Lepidophyta[edit]

Division Calamophyta[edit]

Division Pterophyta[edit]