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This article is about the surname. For the asteroid, see 2083 Smither.
Not to be confused with Smithers (disambiguation).

Smither is a surname. People so named include:

  • Beri Smither (born 1971), American model
  • Bob Smither (born 1944), Libertarian Party Texas congressional candidate
  • Chris Smither (born 1944), American folk-blues singer, guitarist, and songwriter
  • Elizabeth Smither (born 1941), New Zealand poet and writer
  • Henry Smither (1873–?), US Army officer and football coach
  • Denise Orme, stage name of Jessie Smither (1885–1960), English music hall singer, actress and musician
  • Michael Smither (born 1939), New Zealand painter and composer, husband of Elizabeth Smither
  • Sheryl Smither (born 1960), maiden name of USAF veteran, wife, and mother.

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