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Founded1954 in Kent, Ohio, United States
FounderV.L. Smithers
HeadquartersKent, Ohio, United States
ProductsFloral foam

Smithers-Oasis is a company specializing in floristry products headquartered in Kent, Ohio, United States. The company created water-absorbing foam in 1954.[1]


Corporate headquarters in Kent, Ohio

The company was founded in 1954 by V.L. Smithers in Kent, Ohio after he developed a water absorbent foam to use in floral arrangements. Since then, other products have been developed including floral accessories, cellular growing media, and post-harvest plant products. The company is headquartered in Kent and operates a manufacturing plant there. Corporate offices were returned to Kent in late 2013 from Cuyahoga Falls, where they had been located since 1992.[2]


Wet floral foam[edit]

Oasis is a trademarked name for wet floral foam, the spongy phenolic foam used for real flower arranging.[3] It soaks up water like a sponge and acts both as a preservative to prolong the life of the flowers and a support to hold them in place. The foam's structure is similar to that of plants and has capillary action to move water to the surface and up the stem.[3] It is often green, but is also available in many other colours, such as purple, red, yellow, and brown.[4] It usually is supplied in a brick shape, but can be bought in spherical shapes.[5] Oasis can be bought wholesale[6] or in arts and craft and gardening stores, particularly ones that feature large faux flower collections for creating artificial arrangements.

Dry floral foam[edit]

Sahara and Sahara II are the trademarked names for dry floral foam produced by the Smithers-Oasis Company and used for supporting arrangements of artificial flowers. The company also offers products using Dow's Styrofoam and molded urethane.[7]

Coloured floral foam[edit]

Rainbow Foam is the trademarked name for coloured floral foam produced by the Smithers-Oasis in France. It doesn't contain the same formulation as the regular wet floral foam thus requires other soaking directions before use.[citation needed]


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