Smithson (crater)

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Smithson crater AS15-M-2119.jpg
Apollo 15 mapping camera image
Coordinates 2°24′N 53°36′E / 2.4°N 53.6°E / 2.4; 53.6Coordinates: 2°24′N 53°36′E / 2.4°N 53.6°E / 2.4; 53.6
Diameter 5 km
Depth Unknown
Colongitude 308° at sunrise
Eponym James Smithson

Smithson is a small lunar impact crater located in the northeast part of Mare Fecunditatis. It is a circular, cup-shaped feature with a slightly higher albedo than the surrounding, dark lunar mare. It was previously identified as Taruntius N before being renamed by the IAU. Taruntius itself lies to the west-northwest, in the northwestern part of the same mare.