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Smojphace EP
Smojphace EP.jpg
Released 16 June 2003
Genre Drum 'n bass, ragga jungle, noise
Length 16:13
Label Rephlex Records MEN 2
MEN Records
Producer Richard D. James
AFX chronology
2 Remixes by AFX
Smojphace EP
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 2/5 stars[1]
Drowned in Sound 9/10[2]

The Smojphace EP is a 2003 EP by electronic music artist Richard D. James under one of his commonly known aliases, AFX. The EP was released through MEN Records, a Rephlex Records sublabel.

Smojphace's first track is a remix of "Run The Place Red", a track produced by The Bug with vocals by Daddy Freddy. The remix is done in a ragga-step style, with harsh drum and bass, before disintegrating into static noise near the end of the track. Both of the remaining "ktpa" electronic tracks consist of synthesized noise.

The entire disc is black including the part that is read by the cd player. Likewise, the label is black on both sides of the 12" vinyl.

Track listing[edit]

Duration / VINYL
1 "Run the Place Red (AFX Mix)" 5:06 / A-1
2 "ktpa1" 7:29 / B-1
3 "ktpa2" 3:38 / B-2

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