Smokers' Paradise

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Smokers' Paradise
Smokers paradise.jpg
EP by Breaking Circus
Released 1987
Genre Post-punk
Label Homestead
Producer Iain Burgess
Breaking Circus chronology
The Ice Machine
Smokers' Paradise

Smokers' Paradise is an extended play by Breaking Circus. It was released in 1987 on Homestead Records. It is the first and only Breaking Circus release to feature second guitarist Phil Harder. It was intended as a full-length album with four songwriting contributions each from Björklund, Flour, and Trainer. When Homestead Records insisted that it be a six song EP (possibly due to budget restrictions), Flour and Trainer's contributions were limited to one song each, while all of Björklund's songs appeared on the record.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Smokers' Paradise"
  2. "Three Cool Cats"
  3. "ShockHammer Thirteen"
  4. "Emperor Calvin"
  5. "Medicine Lake"
  6. "Eat Lead"