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Product typePuffed corn snack
CountrySFR Yugoslavia
Introduced11 October 1972
TaglineGladni zabave
en: Hungry for entertainment

Smoki (Serbian Cyrillic: Смоки) is a well-known snack food from Serbia.[1] It is made of puffed cornmeal grits and flavoured with peanuts and salt. Similar foods in other countries are Bamba in Israel and Erdnussflips in Germany.

Its popularity (specifically throughout the former Yugoslavia) is such that the name Smoki has become synonymous with any puffed corn snack (also known in these countries as flips).

In September 2006, chocolate-covered Smoki was released, known as Čoko Smoki with the tagline of happy end with new flavours of orange and caramel.

Smoki's producer, Štark, is now a division of Atlantic Grupa, a regional food concern from Croatia.

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