Smoking in Albania

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The international no smoking sign is posted in all bars and restaurants but is almost always ignored in Albania

Smoking in Albania is prevalent as about 40% of Albanians smoke regularly.[1] In Europe, only Turkey has a higher smoking rate than Albania.[1] Albanians annually spend more than €300 million on tobacco products.[2] Albania adopted tough anti-smoking laws in 2007, but they are not strictly enforced.[2] Smoking prevalence is increasing, especially among females ages 13 to 15.[3] The smoking rate for teens between the ages of 13 and 15 is currently 15%.[2] Although the law technically forbids the smoking of cigarettes in public spaces like restaurants, bars, work places, etc., Albanians regularly smoke in those places, especially nights and weekends.[4] The smoking ban is generally followed on public transport in Tirana as people put out cigarettes before boarding buses.


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