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Smorgasbord Records is a metalcore record label out of Milford, Connecticut. It also releases other forms of indie music as well.

Smorgasbord Records started out as Smorgasbord fanzine in 1986 by a hardcore fan named Chris Daily from Stamford CT. After a few issues of Skate Confusion zine, Chris changed the name to Smorgasbord Zine and then he took the magazine to the next level in 1988 with the release of the X marks the spot 7" compilation. This release marked the end of the magazine and the beginning of the record label. Chris continued to put out records for the next eight years and then in 1996 he decided that he no longer had the time to continue. Jeff Terranova from Up Front and Windfall and Chris worked out a deal, and in early 1996 Jeff was the new owner of the label. Jeff continues to run the label as a one-man DIY effort and puts out newer unheard of hardcore, punk, and rock acts that he has faith in.

The label is known for having 1980s hardcore straight edge icons Up Front. The label also released Hatebreed's first 7-inch Under the Knife.

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