The Death of Smail-aga Čengić

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The Death of Smail-aga Čengić
Author Ivan Mažuranić
Original title Smrt Smail-age Čengića
Country Croatia
Language Croatian
Genre Epic poem
Publication date
Media type Print

The Death of Smail-aga Čengić (Croatian: Smrt Smail-age Čengića) is an epic poem by Ivan Mažuranić published around 1846. It is based on the real events of Smail-aga Čengić, an Ottoman army general (aga) who is famous for his bravery, but disparaged for his truculence; the main motif is his death, happening after he engages in a battle against the Herzegovinian Montenegrins.

The poem was initially ordered by Dimitrija Demeter, and is set in 1840. It is divided in 5 sections and contains exactly 1134 verses.


Ljutit aga mrko gleda
Gdje se silom divit mora
Silan arslan gorskom mišu.


The angry aga glumly glances
As he, the mighty lion, is forced
To admire the mountain mouse.

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