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SMS Cuba is a service making it possible to send SMS messages to Cuba via the internet. It can be accessed through the web or using iPhone, Android or Windows phone apps. Its success has stemmed from providing a solution for a small market (Cubans living abroad) that big business had overlooked and that a family business was able to use as an alternative source of income.


The service was created as a personal project in 2010 by David Rodríguez and was widely welcomed by Cubans living in Miami and in Spain. Beginning in July 2010, the first version of the app was available at the Apple Store. The first version for Android became available in September 2011 and since then the service has continued to gain followers.


The system routes large volumes of messages through international operators, thus achieving a considerable reduction in per-message cost. Both the apps and the web site are compliant with internet standards for communications and to guarantee system stability and security. While the technical complexity of this type of system is not high, the challenge is to achieve a high level of availability and provide solutions to problems.

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