Smyley Island

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Smyley Island
SmyleyIsland Terra MODIS.jpg
Smyley Island is located in Antarctica
Smyley Island
Smyley Island
Location in Antarctica
Location Antarctica
Coordinates 72°55′S 78°0′W / 72.917°S 78.000°W / -72.917; -78.000Coordinates: 72°55′S 78°0′W / 72.917°S 78.000°W / -72.917; -78.000
Administered under the Antarctic Treaty System
Population Uninhabited

Smyley Island is an Antarctic island lying off the Antarctic Peninsula at coordinates 72°55′S 78°0′W / 72.917°S 78.000°W / -72.917; -78.000. The island lies about 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) north of Case Island and the island connects to the Stange Ice Shelf. Smyley island is separated from Alexander Island by the Ronne Entrance. Smyley island is one of the 27 islands in Palmer Land, Antarctica.

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