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There has been one creation of baronet with the surname Smythe (as distinct from Smyth and Smith). It was created in the Baronetage of England for Edward Smythe on 23 February 1661.

The Smythes, a Roman Catholic family, were descended from William Smythe of Nunstainton, Co. Durham who married Margaret Eshe, heiress of Eshe Hall and who was credited in the 1569 Rising of the North. During the English Civil War the Smythes were loyal Royalists and their estates were subject to sequestration in 1644 during the period of the Commonwealth of England. On the Restoration of Charles II Edward Smythe was created a baronet in recognition of the family loyalty to the Crown.

The first Baronet married Mary Lee, heiress of Acton Burnell Castle, Shropshire which became his principal seat. The sixth Baronet was High Sheriff of Shropshire in 1831 and the seventh Baronet was High Sheriff in 1867.

Mrs Fitzherbert, wife of King George IV, was the eldest child of William Smythe of Brambridge, Hampshire, and Mary Ann Errington. Her paternal grandparents were Sir John Smythe, 3rd Baronet, and Constantia Blount.

Smythe of Eshe Hall, Durham (1661)[edit]

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