Snack Bar Budapest

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Snack Bar Budapest
Snack Bar Budapest.jpg
Italian theatrical release poster
Directed by Tinto Brass
Screenplay by Tinto Brass
Based on Snack Bar Budapest
by Silvia Bre and Marco Lodoli
Starring Giancarlo Giannini
François Negret
Raffaella Baracchi
Philippe Léotard
Carlo Monni
Music by Zucchero
Cinematography Alessio Gelsini Torresi
Edited by Tinto Brass
Release date
  • 22 September 1988 (1988-09-22)
Country Italy
Language Italian

Snack Bar Budapest is a 1988 Italian neo-noir comedy film written and directed by Tinto Brass and starring Giancarlo Giannini. It is based on the novel with the same title by Marco Lodoli and Silvia Bre.[1]


A disbarred lawyer (Giancarlo Giannini) is working as a debt collector for his partner Sapo (Philippe Léotard). Escorting prostitute Milena (Raffaella Baracchi) impregnated by Sapo to an unnamed sea resort of grotesque atmosphere (filmed in Lido di Ostia), he encounters the ambitious young ringleader Molecola (François Negret) who has bought several old recreational sites in the environs to turn the town into an "Italian Las Vegas" but the hotel-bar named Snack Bar Budapest run by a man (Carlo Monni) and his family remains an obstacle. Molecola needs a lawyer to legitimise forceful evacuation of Snack Bar Budapest and the lawyer agrees. However, a murder he commits brings him at odds with Molecola.



Snack Bar Budapest received negative reviews with an audience score of 8% on Rotten Tomato.[2]


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