Snake River Conspiracy

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Snake River Conspiracy
OriginBay Area
GenresIndustrial rock, electronica
LabelsReprise/Warner Bros. Records
Associated actsBrougham, Orgy, Third Eye Blind, Drain STH, Queensrÿche, Queens of the Stone Age

Snake River Conspiracy was an Industrial rock band. It was founded in San Francisco by Jason Slater and Eric Valentine.[1]


The band was composed of musicians from different bands. The band was founded as a project of Jason Slater (Former member of Third Eye Blind). Lead singer Tobey Torres joined, and later, Martina Axen (drummer and backup singer of Drain STH) joined as well. The drummer of the band was Neil Taylor and is supported by Bobby Hewitt (former drummer of Orgy). The band also consisted of guitarist Eric Hendrikx, Fab Fernandez and the lead guitarist Mitchell Doran. In 2017 Tobey Torres and Mitchell Doran formed a new band called Mojave Phone Booth. [2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10] [11]


Current Member[edit]

Former Members[edit]

  • Tobey Torres (vocals)
  • Martina Axen (vocals)
  • Bobby Hewitt (drummer)
  • Eric Hendrikx (guitarist)
  • Fab Fernandez (guitarist)
  • Mitchell Doran (guitarist)

Hired Musicians[edit]

  • Neil Taylor (drummer for Sonic Jihad Tour, Drummer on the demo's for SRC's second record and all live shows after Sonic Jihad)
  • Geoff Tyson (Original Lead Guitar for the Sonic Jihad Tour)
  • Ivo Ivanov (Original Keyboard Player for the Sonic Jihad Tour)
  • Scott Engelter (Scotty Sorry)
  • Jay Lane (of Primus, Sausage, Les Claypool's Flying Frog Brigade, Ratdog)
  • Rob Patterson
  • Ashif Hakik




Year Single Chart Position
2000 "How Soon Is Now?" US Alternative Songs (Billboard)[12] 38
UK Singles (OCC)[13] 83
US Dance Club Songs (Billboard)[12] 15
2001 "Breed" 37

Unreleased songs[edit]

Song Time Other information
"Art of War" 3:44 leaked
"Automatic" 3:59 has a "Ruff" remix (3:48)
"Dollar At A Time"[14] 3:09
"Drug Tongue"[15] 4:13 / 3:56 Martina Axen and Tobey Torres have recorded versions differing in length
"Dying" 4:27 has a "Ruff" remix (4:27) and lyrics have been leaked
"Hide" 3:31
"Methlehem"[16] 3:39 has a "Ruff" remix
"Not Long" 3:56
"Strung Out & Crazy" 4:21
"Won't Go Quietly" 2:47


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