Snakefinger's History of the Blues: Live in Europe

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Snakefinger's History Of The Blues: Live In Europe is a blues cover album released in 1984 by Snakefinger. The album includes an expanded version of his backing band, Vestal Virgins, performing a wide range of blues songs spanning from its humble beginnings to its modern incarnations. The show toured once in California and once in Europe, where the performances on the album were recorded.

While many Snakefinger albums feature avant-garde and highly experimental music, the man was a master musician; the History Of The Blues features faithful renditions bursting with the vitality of an ensemble who genuinely loves the music.

A review in SNORP #3 (Summer 1987) described it thus: "Snakey's vocal range is never more evident than on this album. The bottom line is very simply stated: This is the greatest performance of black blues by white artists ever, period."[citation needed]

Album Information[edit]

Track listing[edit]

Side A

  1. Natural ball
  2. 36-22-36
  3. Cryin for my baby
  4. I can't be satisfied
  5. Cross cut saw
  6. Everyday I have the blues
  7. If you haven't any hay

Side B

  1. You upset me
  2. Preachin Blues
  3. These kind of blues
  4. Stolen moments


  • Joshua Ende - Baritone
  • Stephen MacKay - Tenor
  • Richard Marriott - Trumpet, Trombone, Tenor
  • Raoul N. Diseimbote - Piano
  • Jonny B. Ryan - Drums
  • Michael Bertel - Guitar
  • Eric Drew Feldman - Bass
  • Snakefinger - Guitar, Vocal, Harmonica, Piano