Snakes and Ladders (Frank Tovey album)

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Snakes and Ladders
Studio album by Frank Tovey
Released May 1986 , re-released 2001
Recorded 1985
Genre New wave
Label Mute
Producer Frank Tovey and E.C. Radcliffe
Frank Tovey chronology
Snakes and Ladders
The Fad Gadget Singles

Snakes and Ladders is a studio album from Frank Tovey. It was first released in 1986.

The original vinyl release of this album featured a largely acoustic version of his hit "Collapsing New People" which was subsequently removed from the CD re-issue. Some versions of the original album came with an additional EP that came with extra tracks, recorded under Frank Tovey's pseudonym Fad Gadget, which were retained for the CD re-issue.


Track listing[edit]

LP release[edit]

  1. "The Cutting Edge"
  2. "Snakes and Ladders"
  3. "The Cutting Edge" (Reprise)
  4. "Shot in the Dark"
  5. "Concrete"
  6. "Collapsing New People"
  7. "Luxury"
  8. "Small World"
  9. "Luddite Joe"
  10. "Megalomaniac"

Additional EP tracks:

  1. "Coitus Interruptus"
  2. "Innocent Bystander"
  3. "Sheep Look Up"
  4. "Ideal World"

CD release[edit]

  1. "The Cutting Edge"
  2. "Snakes and Ladders"
  3. "The Cutting Edge "(Reprise)
  4. "Shot in the Dark"
  5. "Concrete"
  6. "Luxury"
  7. "Small World"
  8. "Luddite Joe"
  9. "Megalomaniac"
  10. "Bed of Nails"
  11. "Clean This Act Up"
  12. "Coitus Interruptus"
  13. "Innocent Bystander"
  14. "Sheep Look Up"
  15. "Ideal World"