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Developer(s) 8098182 Canada Inc.
Development status Inactive
Written in JavaScript
Operating system Cross-platform
Type HTML editor, text editor
License Commercial software[1]

SnapEditor is an HTML5 WYSIWYG text editor from 8098182 Canada Inc. that can be used in web pages. It was born out of frustration with existing editors and aims to solve those frustrations.[2] The first version was released in 2012. Its development was stopped as of Sept 23, 2013.[3]

Its core code is written in JavaScript and can integrate with any server side language such as PHP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby.

SnapEditor is compatible with most Internet browsers, including: Internet Explorer 7.0+ (Windows), Firefox 2.0+, Safari 3.0+, and Google Chrome (windows).[4]


The frustrations that SnapEditor is aiming to solve are

  1. WYSIAWYG (what you see is almost what you get)
  2. unexpected behaviour
  3. messy HTML

In-place and form-based editors[edit]

SnapEditor provides both an in-place editor for situations where true WYSIWYG is needed, but still provides a form-based editor in case forms are still used.


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