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The Snap Server is a network attached storage computer appliance currently sold by Overland Storage.

All modern Snap Servers include an embedded operating system called GuardianOS.[1] The GuardianOS is a UNIX-like operating system based on the mainstream Linux kernel, and is used on the Snap Server line of network-attached storage devices. Older models used the SnapOS, which is a heavily customized BSD flavor. The SnapOS was originally created by Meridian Data for the Meridian Data Snap! Server, and shipped on products from May 1998 through February 2006.

Quantum had shipped more than 90,000 Snap Servers worldwide as of December 31, 2001.[2] As of the end of 2003, an estimated 150,000 Snap Servers have been sold worldwide.[citation needed] Many Snap Servers are visible operating on the open Internet, although it is generally more common for them to be deployed inside corporate intranets.


The ownership of the Snap Appliance product family has gone through several corporate mergers:

  • In May 1998 Meridian Data began shipping the Meridian Data Snap! Server.[citation needed]
  • In December 1999 Meridian Data was purchased by Quantum Corp. for ~$85M.[citation needed]
  • In October 2002 Quantum's Snap Division was purchased by private investors for ~$11M, forming Snap Appliance.[3]
  • In July 2004 Snap Appliance was purchased by Adaptec for ~$100M.[4]
  • In July 2008 Overland Storage acquired the Snap server product line from Adaptec for $3.6M.[5]


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