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Snapped (Official Logo).png
Written byMatt Edens
Eric Wetherington
Brian O'Connor
Geoffrey Proud
Todd Moss
Narrated by
  • Brian Langsbard
  • Justin Melland
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons24
No. of episodes(list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)
  • Erica Diaz-Gant
  • Kimberly Chessler
  • Amy Introcaso-Davis
  • Stephen Land
  • Deborah Dawkins
  • Zak Weisfeld
  • Geoffrey Proud
  • Michael Rogers
  • Donna Dudek
  • Elizabeth Gibson
  • Katie Harrington
  • Cecile Bouchardeau
  • David Lane
  • Melissa May
  • Todd Moss
  • Jane Nowiski
  • Brian O'Connor
  • Valerie Shepherd
  • Mariel Sykes
  • Eric Wetherington
  • Sharon Martin
  • Paul Foster
  • Eric Futrell
  • Erin Althaus
  • Jeffrey Woods
Running time
  • 24 minutes (approx.) (2004–2006)
  • 43 minutes (approx.) (2007–present)
Production company(s)Jupiter Entertainment[1]
Original networkOxygen
Picture format
Original releaseAugust 6, 2004 (2004-08-06) –
present (present)
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Snapped is an American true crime television series that airs on Oxygen. Snapped debuted on August 6, 2004, and is produced by Jupiter Entertainment.

This series depicts high profile or bizarre cases of women accused of murder. Each episode outlines whether the motivation for murder was revenge against a cheating husband or lover, a large insurance payoff, or the ending to years of abuse, with each murder's circumstances as unique as the women profiled.[2] A few episodes have centered on male perpetrators, but these have been rare in the series' history. However, a large number of episodes have featured men who conspired with the central female perpetrator in the crime.


The series features non-fiction narratives of women (and men as co-conspirators, or in a very few episodes, as the central perpetrators) who have committed murder or attempted murder or have been accused of committing or attempting to commit murder. Often the target is the individual's spouse. The program is edited in a documentary style, using a central voice-over narration by actress Jody Flader, as well as interviews with people in possession of first-hand knowledge of the case, including law-enforcement officials, lawyers, journalists, friends and family members of both the victims and the accused, and at times the criminals or victims themselves.


Snapped first aired on August 6, 2004, with the pilot episode, "Celeste Beard Johnson"[3] The series is currently in its twenty-fourth season of production at Jupiter Entertainment.[4][1]

It is by all accounts the longest-lived series on Oxygen, with its 24 defined seasons and fourteen years in production (and two spin-offs) outlasting the seventeen defined seasons and thirteen years of the second-longest series Bad Girls Club, and it (and the network's ubiquitous "Snapped Sundays" marathons) played a large role in Oxygen's change to a true crime programming direction in the summer of 2017.

Actresses Laura San Giacomo and Ronnie Farer narrated the first and second seasons, respectively.[5][6] Sharon Martin took the role of narrator in its third season and has since acquired an additional credit as a supervising producer of the series.[1] In February 2018, Martin announced she would no longer narrate the series.[7] The new narrator is actress Jody Flader, according to the end-of-episode credits and Flader's web site.[8]

Repeats of the series air on over-the-air broadcast television exclusively on the digital subchannel network Escape.


A complete list of Snapped episodes:[9]

Season 1 (2004)[edit]

  • "Celeste Beard Johnson" - Celeste Beard Johnson is accused of convincing her lesbian lover, Tracey Tarlton, to shoot her wealthy fourth husband, Steven Beard, in their Austin mansion in October 1999.
  • "Virginia Larzelere" - Virginia Larzelere is suspected of seducing her 18-year-old son Jason into shooting her dentist husband Norman Larzelere in his office in March 1991 to collect on his life insurance.
  • "Clara Harris" - Clara Harris runs over her cheating husband David Harris, a wealthy dentist, with her Mercedes in a hotel parking lot in July 2002 with his teenage daughter in the car.
  • "Elena Kiejliches" - Elena Kiejliches, the wife of a wealthy Russian émigré, is accused of shooting her husband Borys in their New York mansion in March 2000 and then dumping his body in Jamaica Bay.
  • "Kimberly Hricko" - Kimberly Hricko, a surgical technician, fatally poisons her husband Steve Hricko and sets their hotel room on fire during a romantic weekend getaway in February 1998.
  • "Lee Ann Reidel" - Lee Ann Reidel solicits her lover to kill her husband Paul in January 2001, but he accidentally kills her husband's business partner Alex Algeri outside of their Long Island gym.
  • "Ruthann Aron" - Ruthann Aron, a millionaire real estate developer, is accused in June 1997 of hiring a hitman to kill her husband and a political rival after losing a 1994 primary election for a U.S. Senate seat.
  • "Joyce Cohen" - Joyce Cohen, the young wife of a millionaire entrepreneur, hires three hitmen to murder her husband Stan in their Miami mansion in March 1986 after he threatens divorce.
  • "Diane Zamora" - Diane Zamora, an Annapolis naval cadet, orchestrates the murder of her high-school rival, Adrianne Jones, with her boyfriend David Graham in December 1995.
  • "Susan Wright" - Susan Wright, a middle class housewife, claims self-defense after tying her husband Jeff Wright to their bed, stabbing her husband 193 times, and burying his body in their backyard in January 2003.
  • "Kristin Rossum" - Kristin Rossum, a forensic toxicologist, gives her husband Greg deVillers a fatal dose of Fentanyl in November 2000 and tries to pass off his death as suicide after he caught her having an affair.
  • "Debra Baker" - Debra Baker is accused of killing her millionaire boss, Jerry Sternadel, with arsenic poison in June 1990 after she is caught embezzling.
  • "Carolyn Warmus" - Carolyn Warmus, an elementary schoolteacher, is suspected of the shooting death of her lover's wife in their apartment in January 1989 after being rejected.

Season 2 (2005)[edit]

  • "Adele Craven" - Adele Craven is suspected of organizing the July 2000 beating death of her husband Steven, a Delta airline pilot, in the basement of their home.
  • "Rita Gluzman" - Rita Gluzman solicits her cousin, Vladimir Zelenin, to murder her estranged husband Yakov with an ax and dispose of his remains in the Passaic River in April 1996.
  • "Sharee Miller" - Sharee Miller seduces her online lover, Jerry Cassaday, into murdering her husband Bruce, an auto salvage owner, in a robbery gone bad in November 1999.
  • "Elisa McNabney" - Elisa McNabney's true past is exposed after her husband, successful attorney Larry McNabney, is killed with horse tranquilizer in September 2001.
  • "Terri Gilbert" - Terri Gilbert is accused of shooting her husband Gene, the Albuquerque County commissioner, to death in her home in August 1996, but she claimed self-defense in the killing.
  • "Donna Somerville" - Donna Somerville, a hospice nurse, is suspected of murder in November 2001 when her wealthy husband Hamilton's autopsy reveals poison in his stomach.
  • "Brenda Andrew" - Brenda Andrew and her lover James Pavatt orchestrate the shooting death of her estranged husband Rob Andrew, an advertising executive, in a garage ambush in their Oklahoma home in November 2001.
  • "Stephanie Stephens" - Stephanie Stephens is accused of giving her older husband David, a former surgeon, a lethal dose of etomidate and atricurium in May 2001.
  • "Amy DeChant" - Amy DeChant becomes a fugitive from justice after getting caught for the July 1996 murder of her boyfriend, Las Vegas bookie Bruce Weinstein.
  • "Linda Jones" - Linda Jones solicits three men to beat her husband Jack Jones to death in November 1995 after catching him cheating on her with a teenage girl named Carrie Davis.
  • "Dionne Baugh" - Dionne Baugh is accused of bludgeoning her millionaire boyfriend Lance Herndon to death in August 1996 after their relationship begins to sour.
  • "Dante Sutorius" - Dante Sutorius shoots her fifth husband Darryl, a Cincinnati cardiologist, in their home in February 1996 after he threatens divorce.
  • "Pamela Smart" - Pamela Smart, a high school teacher, is accused of soliciting one of her students to commit the execution-style murder of her husband Gregory in May 1990.

Season 3 (2005)[edit]

  • "Donna Yaklich" - Donna Yaklich hires teenaged hitmen to kill her husband Dennis, a Pueblo, Colorado narcotics detective, in December 1985.
  • "Yesenia Patino" - Yesenia Patino, a transgender woman, gets caught up in the February 1991 bludgeoning and stabbing death of her lover Dan Willoughby's wife Trish during his family vacation to Mexico.
  • "Manuela Garcia" - Manuela Garcia is accused of lacing her husband Henry's beer with sleeping pills, then attacking him with an ax in July 1996.
  • "Jeena Han" - Jeena Han orchestrates a deadly conspiracy against her twin sister, Sunny Han, in order to reclaim her identity in November 1996.
  • "Dora Cisneros" - Dora Cisneros, a doctor's wife, orders a hit on her daughter Christina's ex after he breaks up with her in March 1993.
  • "Kimberley Kondejewski" - Kimberley Kondejewski uses a shotgun to end 17 years of an abusive marriage to her husband John in May 1997.
  • "Mary Thompson" - Mary Thompson plans the October 1994 murder of Aaron Iturra, a boy who was set to testify against her son in a court case.
  • "Laura Rogers" - Laura Rogers shoots her husband Walter to death in April 2004 after discovering that he impregnated her teenage daughter.
  • "Linda Lou Charbonneau" - Linda Lou Charbonneau orchestrates the murder of her ex-husband in September 2001, and her third husband in October 2001.
  • "Stella Nickell" - Stella Nickell wanted her husband Bruce's hefty life insurance, and was willing to use cyanide poison to get it in June 1986.
  • "Kimberly Anderson" - Kimberly Anderson shoots her ex-husband Brent in September 2001 after her youngest son Ryan claims that he was molested.
  • "Gail Bennett" - Gail Bennett shoots her third ex-husband Tony in the driveway of their rural Texas home in July 1990 during a drunken argument, then she is later raped by the county sheriff.
  • "Deidra Lane" - Deidra Lane, the wife of Carolina Panthers football player Fred Lane, claims self-defense in his July 2000 shooting death.

Season 4 (2006)[edit]

  • "Sandy Murphy" - Sandy Murphy becomes the prime suspect in the heroin overdose death of her wealthy boyfriend, casino heir Ted Binion, in September 1998.
  • "Carol Carr" - Carol Carr, a mother of two sons with Huntington's disease, takes matters into her own hands by shooting them to end their suffering in June 2002.
  • "Erin Dukes" - Erin Dukes, a corrections officer, shoots her abusive husband Robert Lee Dukes to death in October 1997.
  • "Donna Fryman" - Donna Fryman shoots her live-in ex-husband, an up-and-coming interior designer, during a disturbing domestic dispute in January 2004.
  • "Dixie Shanahan" - Dixie Shanahan is accused of shooting her husband Scott in August 2002 and then leaving his body in the bedroom of her home for over a year.
  • "Sheila Davalloo" - Sheila Davalloo, a research scientist, brutally stabs her lover's girlfriend, Anna Lisa Raymundo, in November 2002, then tries to kill her husband Paul Christos in March 2003 to be with her lover.
  • "Phyllis Nelson" - Phyllis Nelson stabs her estranged husband in the chest in December 2001 after she confronts him about an affair.
  • "Nikki Redmond" - Nikki Redmond, aka Miss Savannah, shoots her fiancé in December 2003 after discovering he is engaged to another woman.
  • "Piper Rountree" - Piper Rountree is the prime suspect in the shooting death of her ex-husband, a college professor, on his driveway in October 2004.
  • "Mary Ellen Samuels" - Mary Ellen Samuels is charged with the December 1988 murder of her cinematographer husband and the June 1989 murder of her daughter's fiancé.
  • "Melinda Raisch" - Melinda Raisch, a suburban soccer mom, gets caught for the February 1982 murder of her first husband, a bank manager, more than two decades later with her lover Mark Mangelsdorf.
  • "Sarah Johnson" - Sarah Johnson shoots her parents Alan and Diane to death in their Idaho home in September 2003 after being grounded for seeing her boyfriend Bruno Santos.
  • "Joan Shannon" - Joan Shannon solicits her daughter Elizabeth in the July 2002 shooting death of her husband David, a soldier.

Season 5 (2007)[edit]

  • "Michelle Theer" - Michelle Theer organizes the December 2000 shooting death of her Air Force Captain husband with her lover outside her workplace.
  • "Martha Freeman" - Martha Freeman strangles her husband to death in April 2005 with the help of her illegal lover who was sleeping in her bedroom closet.
  • "Amy Bosley" - Amy Bosley shoots her husband Robert in May 2005 in their home after she is caught for embezzling over one million dollars from her husband's estate.
  • "Kimberly Cunningham" - Kimberly Cunningham shoots her ex-brother-in-law Coy Hundley outside his workplace in October 2003 after learning that he molested her teenage daughter.
  • "Margaret Rudin" - Margaret Rudin is accused of shooting her husband, real estate magnate Ron Rudin, in December 1994 and burning his remains in the Nevada desert.
  • "Jane Dorotik" - Jane Dorotik, a successful healthcare executive, murders her estranged husband in February 2000 so she would not have to pay alimony.
  • "Susan Polk" - Susan Polk is accused of stabbing her soon-to-be ex-husband Felix in October 2002, but she claims self-defense in the killing.
  • "Vicki Monroe" - Vicki Monroe is suspected of plotting the murder of her husband in his Kentucky bar in June 2002 with her grown son.
  • "Mary Krueger" - Mary Krueger plots the shooting of her husband, a Wisconsin farmer, with her friend in a robbery gone bad in May 1999.
  • "Brookey Lee West" - Brookey Lee West gets caught for her mother Christine Smith's February 1998 murder when her body is found in a storage cell.
  • "Daphne Wright" - Daphne Wright kills her ex-girlfriend's friend in February 2006 and then dismembers her body with a chainsaw.
  • "Melanie McGuire" - Melanie McGuire drugs and shoots her husband Bill McGuire in April 2004, then dismembers his body and disposes of his remains in the Chesapeake Bay.

Season 6 (2007–08)[edit]

  • "Mary Winkler" - Mary Winkler shoots her preacher husband Matthew in March 2006 to get out of a financial crisis and a troubled marriage.
  • "Jessica McCord" - Jessica McCord and her husband murder her ex-husband Alan Bates and his new wife in February 2002, then dispose of their bodies in a burning car.
  • "Adrienne Emily Hickson" - Adrienne Emily Hickson, a law student, in self defense, stabs her boyfriend Shawn Washington during a physical altercation in December 2005.
  • "Sarah Brady" - Sarah Brady, an expectant mother, stabs another seemingly pregnant woman to death in February 2005 during a violent altercation in the woman's apartment.
  • "Elizabeth Reynolds" - Elizabeth Reynolds is charged with soliciting the murder of her boyfriend Al Benitez in August 2003 after he breaks up with her.
  • "Lynn Turner" - Lynn Turner is suspected of murder after the death of her boyfriend in January 2001 is compared to that of her first husband in March 1995.
  • "Kathleen Denson" - Kathleen Denson, a Colorado fur store owner, shoots her ex-boyfriend in self-defense in June 2002.
  • "Misty Witherspoon" - Misty Witherspoon claims the September 2005 shooting of her police officer husband Quinn was accidental and suicidal until the family finances are examined.
  • "Cynthia George" - Cynthia George, a former beauty queen and Akron, Ohio socialite, is accused of hiring a hitman in the June 2001 murder of Jeff Zack.
  • "Lisa Whedbee" - Lisa Whedbee and her lover are accused of conspiring to murder her husband in May 1994.
  • "Erika Sifrit" - Erika Sifrit, a scrapbooker, and her husband Benjamin are charged with murdering another vacationing couple in Ocean City, Maryland in May 2002.
  • "Malaika Griffin" - Malaika Griffin, a biochemist, shoots her neighbor in May 1999 then eludes authorities for more than six years.
  • "Sharon Daniels" — Sharon Daniels, a teacher, claims abuse in the shooting death of her second husband, a preacher and school bus driver, in September 2005.
  • "Michelle Michael" - Michelle Michael was bored with her job and marriage, so she injected her husband with rocuronium then sets her house on fire in November 2005.
  • "Linda Henning" - Linda Henning was a fashion designer who fell under the spell of a conman, and ended up being charged with the September 1999 murder of his wife.
  • "Darlene Gentry" - Darlene Gentry shoots her husband Keith in their home in November 2005 and stages the scene as a robbery so she can collect life insurance.
  • "Monique Berkley" - Monique Berkley, her young lover, and her stepdaughter's boyfriend are behind the December 2005 shooting death of her husband, a Navy reservist.
  • "Shayne Lovera" - Shayne Lovera did not want to divorce her mathematics professor husband, so she and her lover Brett Rae beat him to death in November 1994 then attempted to hide his body.
  • "Ann Trexler" - Ann Trexler is accused of hiring a hitman to kill her ex-son-in-law Ron Stovall in October 1998 so he could not take custody of her granddaughter.
  • "Kerri Faye Brown" - Kerri Faye Brown was on the brink of being fired for embezzlement, so she shot her employer to death in April 2001.
  • "Ann Miller Kontz" - Ann Miller Kontz, a chemist, uses arsenic to get out of her marriage in December 2000.
  • "Elicia Hughes" - Elicia Hughes is suspected of shooting her husband Brian six times in their home in June 2004 after learning of his infidelity.
  • "Linda Fields" - Linda Fields is accused of taking a life insurance policy out on her ranch hand, then taking him out in December 2003.
  • "Tracey Frame" - Tracey Frame, an accountant, allegedly shot her boyfriend David Nixon in April 2002 then dumped his body in a storm drain.
  • "Shawna Nelson" - Shawna Nelson was a 911 dispatcher who shot her lover's wife Heather Garraus in the parking lot of her workplace in January 2007.
  • "Jeanette Sliwinski" - Jeanette Sliwinski's modeling career was failing, and in a suicide attempt in July 2005, she claims the lives of three musicians.
  • "Leslie MacKool" - Leslie MacKool is accused of stabbing her mother Janie Ballard 74 times in September 2003 so she could inherit her parents' multimillion-dollar estate.

Season 7 (2009–10)[edit]

  • "Ashley Humphrey" - Ashley Humphrey and her husband, a bodybuilder, are the prime suspects in the July 2003 murder of Sandra Rozzo, a Florida bartender.
  • "Larissa Schuster" - Larissa Schuster, a biochemist, is accused of hiring James Fagone for killing her estranged husband Timothy Schuster in July 2003, then disposing of his body in a barrel of acid.
  • "Cynthia Sommer" - Cynthia Sommer, a military wife, is suspected of murdering her husband Todd in February 2002 when his autopsy reveals he was poisoned with arsenic.
  • "Mechele Linehan" - Mechele Linehan's fiancé Kent Leppink is gunned down in the Alaskan wilderness in May 1996, and ten years later she is charged in the murder.
  • "Beth Carpenter" - Beth Carpenter had a promising law career, but when her brother-in-law Buzz Clinton found dead on a highway in March 1994, she becomes the prime suspect.
  • "Monique Johnson" - Monique Johnson, a prison guard, shoots her boyfriend, Memphis police officer Tony Hayes, to death in September 2006, but claims he was abusive.
  • "Susan Grund" - Susan Grund, a mother of two, is accused of shooting her husband, attorney Jimmy Grund, in the couple's Peru, Indiana home in August 1992.
  • "Lisa Costello" - Lisa Costello and her boyfriend, Alan Mackerley, are charged with murder after the February 1996 disappearance of Alan's business rival, Frank Black.
  • "Jocelyn Dooley" - Jocelyn Dooley is charged with murdering her husband, Vol "Bubba" Dooley, a pit boss, in June 2001 after her friend with memory problems help police locate his body.
  • "Renee Poole" - Renee Poole's husband Brent is gunned down on his wedding anniversary in June 1998, and police suspect his wife plotted the murder with her lover.
  • "Nikki Reynolds" - Nikki Reynolds pleads guilty after stabbing her adoptive mother, Billie Jean, to death in May 1997 after breaking up with her boyfriend.
  • "Jennifer Hyatte" - Jennifer Hyatte is a prison nurse turned fugitive after fatally shooting a prison guard in August 2005 in order to free her incarcerated husband.
  • "Rhonda Orr" - Rhonda Orr's husband died in a house fire in May 2003, and she becomes suspected of arson when police learn that she is pregnant with another man's child.
  • "Erin McLean" - Erin McLean was a student teacher whose husband Eric McLean murdered 18 year-old dropout Sean Powell in March 2007.
  • "Shannon Torrez" - Shannon Torrez is desperate for a baby, and in September 2006, she stabs a mother in her home and then kidnaps the woman's one-week-old daughter.
  • "Monique Turenne" - Monique Turenne is accused of soliciting her lover to bludgeon her husband, Canadian Air Force Major David Turenne, to death in February 1996.
  • "Kelly Forbes" - Kelly Forbes, a medical assistant, is accused of strangling her newlywed husband to death in November 2007, although she claims self-defense in the killing.
  • "Jill Rockcastle" - Jill Rockcastle, a poker player's wife, stabs her husband to death in April 2007 in their Las Vegas condominium, then tries to commit suicide when the police get involved.
  • "Denise Miller" - Denise Miller is suspected of killing her on-again, off-again boyfriend, police officer Wayne Irby, in December 2004 after a bitter breakup.
  • "Tracie Andrews" - Tracie Andrews is the prime suspect in the December 1996 stabbing death of her fiancé, Lee Harvey, in a road rage incident.
  • "Anne Marie Stout" - Anne Marie Stout's husband is shot dead in their home in June 2007, and she is charged although she claims her husband's mistress is the killer.
  • "Rhonda Glover" - Rhonda Glover, a Texas beauty queen, is charged in the July 2004 shooting death of her satanic boyfriend Jimmy Joste, in his Austin, Texas home.
  • "Karen Tobie" - Karen Tobie and her neighbor Lynne Blake orchestrate the shooting death of Karen's husband, plumber John Cataneo, in June 2004 on his doorstep.
  • "Jane Andrews" - Jane Andrews, the former aide to the Dutchess of York, bludgeons and stabs her lover, Tom Cressman, to death in September 2000 after he dumps her for another woman, and then flees.
  • "Diane Fleming" - Diane Fleming is suspected of poisoning her third husband with methanol after his mysterious death in June 2000, but she maintains that she is innocent.
  • "Amanda McGhee" - Amanda McGhee and her boyfriend Andrew are suspected of gunning down her father and stepmother in their home with her father's gun in June 2007.
  • "Michelle Hall" - Michelle Hall is charged with murder for the July 2008 shooting death of her third husband, although she claimed he had killed himself.
  • "Stacey Castor" - Stacey Castor poisons her husbands with antifreeze in January 2000 and August 2005 and tries to frame her daughter by trying to kill her & writing a suicide note.
  • "Esther Wadley" - Esther Wadley is charged in November 2007 for conspiring to kill her ex-husband so she could regain custody of the couple's daughter.
  • "Carla Hughes" - Carla Hughes was a middle school teacher who was suspected in the November 2006 slaying of her lover 's pregnant fiancée in their garage.
  • "Michelle Reynolds" - Michelle Reynolds, a minister's wife, organizes the July 2004 stabbing death of her husband Thad Reynolds at his workplace with her secret lover Scott Harper.
  • "Martha Pineda" - Martha Pineda is a cougar who is accused in the December 2003 overdose death of her boyfriend when his body is found in a Rubbermaid container in her apartment.
  • "Shannon Crawley" - Shannon Crawley, a 911 dispatcher, becomes suspected of shooting her ex-boyfriend's new fiancée Denita Smith out of jealousy in January 2007.
  • "Karen Grauber" - Karen Grauber admits to shooting her husband Tony Grauber in January 2006 at her Philadelphia daycare, but also makes claims that he was abusive.
  • "Kelley Cannon" - Kelley Cannon is the prime suspect in the June 2008 murder of her ex-husband James Cannon, a prominent attorney, in the middle of a bitter divorce.
  • "Brigitte Harris" - Brigitte Harris endured years of sexual abuse by her father, and in July 2007, she gets her revenge when she binds & gags him.

Season 8 (2011–12)[edit]

  • "Tausha Morton" - Tausha Morton was a young mother who manipulated her second husband to kill her ex-husband Mitch Kemp in August 2004 for custody of their daughter.
  • "Marcia Kelly" - Marcia Kelly was a respiratory therapist who had convinced her teenage daughter & her friends to gun down her truck driver husband James Kelly in October 2005 to collect on life insurance.
  • "Courtney Schulhoff" - Courtney Schulhoff's father forbids her to see her older boyfriend Michael Morin, but the young lovers get their revenge by beating him to death with a baseball bat in his apartment in February 2004.
  • "Kelly Ryan" - Kelly Ryan and her husband Craig Titus are accused of killing their personal assistant Melissa James in December 2005, then disposing of her body in a burning car in the Las Vegas desert.
  • "Wendi Andriano" - Wendi Andriano was tired of waiting for her terminally ill husband Joe Andriano to die, so she decides to poison him, then bludgeon him to death and slash his throat in their apartment in a fatal argument in October 2000.
  • "Amber Trudell" - Amber Trudell's extramarital affair with her yoga instructor, Michael Dojaquez, comes to a violent end in September 2003 when she shoots him to death on his front porch.
  • "Sarah Kolb" - Sarah Kolb felt threatened by the new girl in school, Adrianne Reynolds, so she and Cory Gregory strangle, bludgeon, burn, and dismember Adrianne's body in January 2005.
  • "Linda Pedroza" - Linda Pedroza and her boyfriend Antoine Wright are accused of strangling her mother Isabelle Pedroza to death with an electrical cord in June 2000, then disposing of the body in the woods.
  • "Michelle Hetzel" - Michelle Hetzel and Devon Guzman are involved in a lesbian love triangle, but when Devon decides to break it off, she is found slashed to death in her car in June 2000.
  • "Dalia Dippolito" - Dalia Dippolito gets caught for hiring a "hitman" to kill her husband in August 2009 after police set up a fake crime scene outside of her home and capture her reaction on video.
  • "Jessica Riggins" - Jessica Riggins was an Arizona woman in the process of divorcing her husband Rusty Riggins, but resolves to end her marriage by shooting him and stealing his truck in his home in August 2007.
  • "Courtenay Savage" - Courtenay Savage blamed her former friend Christina Lodrini for the failure of their business, so she resorts to shooting up the woman's home on three different occasions in July–September 2006 and then absconds.
  • "Nancy Seaman" - Nancy Seaman was an award-winning elementary schoolteacher from the Detroit suburbs who is accused of hacking and killing her husband Bob in May 2004, then trying to dispose of his body.

Season 9 (2012)[edit]

  • "Ashleigh Pechaluk" - Ashleigh Pechaluk was a young Canadian woman who became involved in a love triangle and the murder of her lesbian lover Nicola Puddicombe's boyfriend with an axe in October 2006.
  • "Sarah Jo Pender" - Sarah Jo Pender and her boyfriend Richard Hull became accused of murdering and disposing of their new roommates, Andrew Cataldi and Tricia Nordman, in October 2000.
  • "Joanna Hayes" - Joanna Hayes was an overzealous grandmother who turned to shooting her estranged daughter-in-law Heather Strube in a Target parking lot in April 2009 to help her son win a custody battle.
  • "Ellen Snyder" - Ellen Snyder was a New Mexico mother who shot her husband Mike Snyder to death in January 2002, buried his body under her house, and faked his disappearance for almost eight years.
  • "Clara Schwartz" - Clara Schwartz was a young Virginia woman whose obsession with fantasy role-playing games culminated in the murder of her father, Dr. Robert Schwartz, in December 2001.
  • "Jennifer Bowen" - Jennifer Bowen did not want her ex-husband, John David Blattner, to receive custody of her daughter, so she recruits her new husband Kevin into shooting him in March 2009.
  • "Regina Williams" - Regina Williams struck down her boyfriend with her SUV in a drunken rampage in October 2004, and police wonder whether she was an abused woman or a woman scorned.
  • "Tyonne Palmer" - Tyonne Palmer became involved in an affair with her pastor and his son, and ended up becoming involved in a deadly plot ending in the May 2010 murder of the pastor's wife Pauletta Burleson.
  • "Tracey Richter" - Tracey Richter staged a fake home invasion in December 2001, in which she shot her 20-year-old neighbor, Dustin Wehde, to death in an effort to frame her ex for the crime.
  • "Raynella Leath" - Raynella Leath's two husbands mysteriously turn up dead in August 1992 and March 2003, and police suspect that the two-time widow was responsible for both of their deaths.
  • "Marni Yang" - Marni Yang, a real estate agent, was a jealous lover who got her revenge on her football player ex-boyfriend by shooting his pregnant girlfriend Rhoni Reuter to death in her own home in October 2007.
  • "Shannon Baugus" - Shannon Baugus is suspected of shooting her husband during an argument over the television in March 2010, and police challenge her claims that she was a battered wife.
  • "Nanette Johnston" - Nanette Johnston is accused of enlisting her NFL boyfriend, Eric Naposki, into committing the December 1994 shooting death of her wealthy boyfriend, William McLaughlin.
  • "Rennie Pratt" - Rennie Pratt, an Oakland, California hairdresser, claims the April 2009 shooting death of her boyfriend Michael Porcella was an accident until police investigate their explosive relationship.
  • "Nicole Abusharif" - Nicole Abusharif is accused of suffocating her lesbian lover, Becky Klein, dumping her body in the trunk of her car, then going on a date with another woman in March 2007.
  • "Jessica Hill" - Jessica Hill's husband's May 2007 death was initially believed to be a freak accident until Iowa police discover an affair and suspect her of orchestrating her husband's murder.
  • "Taylor Marks" - Taylor Marks was a young Ohio woman who solicited her boyfriend in the October 2009 ambush and murder of her mother Kristie Marks so she could get her hands on her inheritance money.
  • "Stephanie Lazarus" - Stephanie Lazarus was a Los Angeles police detective who committed the murder of her ex-boyfriend John Ruetten's new wife Sherri Rasmussen in February 1986, and got away with it for two decades.
  • "Rachel Wade" - Rachel Wade was caught in a love triangle with Josh Camacho and Sarah Ludemann, and resorted to stabbing her romantic rival to death in April 2009 to be with her lover.
  • "Brittany Norwood" - Brittany Norwood is accused of the savage March 2011 murder of her co-worker Jayna Murray after she got caught shoplifting, then attempted to stage the scene as a break-in.
  • "Kara Lounsbury" - Kara Lounsbury is suspected of the January 2009 shooting deaths of her sleeping parents in order to inherit the family business, but she claims her brother is responsible.
  • "Velma Ogden Whitehead" - Velma Ogden Whitehead, her 16-year-old son, and his friend are responsible for plotting the carjacking death of her husband Ron Whitehead in March 2005.
  • "Sandra Jessee" - Sandra Jessee is accused of hiring hitmen, one of whom is her own son, to kill her ill husband Jack Jessee in August 1998 so she can move to Arizona to be closer to her son.
  • "Jennifer Womac" - Jennifer Womac orchestrates the September 2009 murder of her own father, Grady Nichols Jr., by seducing her friend with benefits to shoot him to death on his front porch.
  • "Shanterrica Madden" - Shanterrica Madden is accused of stabbing her college roommate Tina Stewart, a Middle Tennessee State University basketball star, in March 2011 after she was reported for smoking marijuana.
  • "Mary Beth Harshbarger" - Mary Beth Harshbarger shoots her husband Mark to death in September 2006 during a hunting trip in Canada, allegedly mistaking him for a bear.
  • "Mia Gonzales" - Mia Gonzales shoots her husband Abel, a California parole agent, during an argument in October 2007 after confronting him about a homosexual affair.
  • "Tonya Ford" - Tonya Ford was a Kentucky police officer's wife who was charged with his February 2009 murder more than a year after his shooting death.

Season 10 (2013)[edit]

  • "Teresa Stone" - Teresa Stone and her lover, a pastor, devise a deadly plan to kill Teresa's husband in March 2010 so they can continue their relationship.
  • "Jane Reth" - Jane Reth gets caught for murdering her first husband, Scott Coville, who was missing since April 1988, more than two decades after the crime.
  • "Adrienne Davidson" - Adrienne Davidson was a scorned wife who resorted to shooting her cheating husband to death on New Year's Day in January 2009.
  • "Amy Bishop " - Amy Bishop is a biology professor who goes on a shooting spree, which kills three co-workers, after getting fired from her job in February 2010.
  • "Christine Paolilla" - Christine Paolilla was a Texas teenager who, alongside her boyfriend Chris Snider, shot four of her friends to death over a drug dispute in July 2003.
  • "Jennifer Nibbe" - Jennifer Nibbe was a Minnesota woman accused of shooting her husband James in their home in August 2010 to cover her paying debts.
  • "Kristi Lunbery" - Kristi Lunbery is accused of shooting her sleeping husband Charles, but claims she is innocent in April 1992.
  • "Katherine Holmes" - Katherine Holmes is accused of attempted murder of shooting her husband Joel in the parking lot in August 2011 so she can have the children.
  • "Tammy Cole" - Tammy Cole is a scorned woman who shot her ex-boyfriend, Vance Evans, in April 2010 but, claims the shooting is an accident.
  • "Michelle Gaiser" - Michelle Gaiser is a jilted lover accused of orchestrating her lover's wife's murder by hiring a hit man to shoot the woman in May 2010, however, the woman lives.
  • "Melissa Stredney" - Melissa Stredney, a former teaching assistant, is accused of shooting and attempting to kidnap her ex- fiancé after he called off their engagement in December 2010.
  • "Lisa Gilliam" - Lisa Gilliam is a newlywed wife accused of the January 2011 shooting death of her lawyer husband Larry, but she may have been wrongly accused.
  • "Caren Pressley-Brown" - Caren Pressley-Brown is caught trying to hire a hit man to kill her son's father and his wife in August 2008.
  • "Exondia Salado" - Exondia Salado is accused of killing, dismembering, and cooking her husband Manny in October 2007 because he was about to leave her for his girlfriend.
  • "Narcy Novack" - Narcy Novack is accused of orchestrating the April 2009 murder of her mother in law and husband Ben Novack Jr. to end his multiple affairs with women in July and inherit a life insurance from both murders.
  • "Nancy Gelber" - Nancy Gelber, a crime author, was caught in December 2011 for trying to hire a hitman to kill her ex-husband to end him having affairs with women and have her surgery.
  • "Rebecca Sears" - Rebecca Sears gets her son Christopher to bludgeon and beat her best friend Kay Parsons with a hammer and a baseball bat to death, to be with her best friend's husband in March 2009.
  • "Kathleen Wise" - Kathleen Wise is accused of poisoning her husband Kenneth with morphine in June 2011 to end her unhappy marriage.
  • "Michelle Knotek" - Michelle Knotek and her husband David are accused of torturing and beating their house guests to death in their home between 1994 and 2003.
  • "Elizabeth Guthrie-Nail" - Elizabeth Guthrie-Nail is suspected of conspiring to have her ex-husband Craig and his girlfriend killed in December 2007 over Craig and Elizabeth's daughter.
  • "Shellye Stark" - Shellye Stark was a former teacher turned prostitute who became accused of shooting her husband Dale to death in December 2007.
  • "Keisha Jones" - Keisha Jones was a young Philadelphia wife who struck down her husband with their vehicle after an argument in November 2011.

Season 11 (2013–14)[edit]

  • "Amanda Kaur" - Amanda Kaur is accused of shooting her husband Ira, an Air Force Staff Sergeant, in November 2010 and staging his death as a suicide.
  • "Ruby Ann Ruffolo" - Ruby Ann Ruffolo is accused of drugging her husband to death and disposing of his body in a water culvert in October 2003.
  • "Dee Dee Moore" - Dee Dee Moore is a businesswoman who stole money from lottery winner Abraham Shakespeare then shooting him dead in April 2009.
  • "Donna Cobb" - Donna Cobb is a Harlem nurse's aide who stabbed her husband to death during a violent struggle in their home in November 2006.
  • "Melissa Cole" - Melissa Cole is accused of shooting and burning her husband Gary to death to end her abusive marriage in November 2009.
  • "Katey Passaniti" - Katey Passaniti is a Louisiana woman accused of the July 2010 murder-for-hire of her elderly stepfather, who was shot dead in his Shreveport home.
  • "Laurie Jean Cone" - Laurie Jean Cone is suspected of masterminding the April 2012 beating death of her husband Jack, a television repairman.
  • "Lateisha Jandreau" - Lateisha Jandreau is accused of shooting her husband Paul to death in June 2010 after he threatens her with a divorce.
  • "Jodi Arias" - Jodi Arias is charged with the brutal June 2008 stabbing and shooting death of her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, a motivational speaker, but claims self-defense.
  • "Dawn Silvernail" - Dawn Silvernail shoots another woman to death outside her church in October 1999, and she claims the murder was her boyfriend's idea.
  • "Karen Newell" - Karen Newell is accused of seducing her teen lover into shooting and killing her husband Jon in the middle of the road in February 1994.
  • "Jackie Postma" - Jackie Postma's affair with a man named Micheal Cordes leads to the murder of her husband in August 2000 in a convenience store parking lot.

Season 12 (2014)[edit]

  • "Rebecca Bryan" - Rebecca Bryan is a real estate agent accused of shooting her husband Keith to death in September 2011 so she can be with her boyfriend.
  • "Kalila Taylor" - Kalila Taylor is a young mother who stabbed her best friend Curtisha Morning in February 1996.
  • "Alice Trappler" - Alice Trappler is the mother of a young daughter who hatches a deadly plot to have her ex-lover killed in April 2012.
  • "Constance Clark" - Constance Clark is an Alabama wife accused of orchestrating the December 2005 murder of her husband, who had traveled to Georgia when he was murdered.
  • "Teresa Imel" - Teresa Imel is accused of conspiring with her daughter to murder her husband, a business executive, in July 1999.
  • "Holly McFeeture" - Holly McFeeture is an Ohio woman, who poisoned her fiancée Matthew Podolak with antifreeze and staged it as a suicide in July 2006 and got away with it for 6 years.
  • "Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong" - Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong is a woman planning the murder of her father, but fails and kills her hitman trying to rob a bank with a grenade bomb neck and shooting her boyfriend and puts his body in the freezer in August 2003.
  • "Joanna Findlay" - Joanna Findlay is a college professor accused of shooting her husband Gary in the chest in October 2010.
  • "Joann Helfrich" - Joann Helfrich is accused of shooting her boyfriend in her apartment in October 2010 but claims she thought she was shooting an intruder.
  • "Marjorie Orbin" - Marjorie Orbin is a former Vegas showgirl and stripper who killed her husband Jay in September 2004, then dismembered and dumped his body in the desert for life insurance and tried to blame the murder on her boyfriend Larry Weisberg.
  • "Verina Childs" - Verina Childs is a Mississippi wife accused of shooting her husband Doug during a November 2009 hunting trip, but she denies involvement.
  • "Julia Phillips" - Julia Phillips orchestrates the murder of her boyfriend Melvin Roberts outside his home on her birthday in February 2010.
  • "Wendy Cobb" - Wendy Cobb is accused of having her younger lover kill her husband and burn down their Oklahoma home in April 2009 for money.

Season 13 (2014)[edit]

  • "Lupita Acuna" - Lupita Acuna is accused of arranging the stabbing death of her ex-boyfriend and trying to set his corpse on fire in July 2010.
  • "Kimberly Parker" - Kimberly Parker is charged with planning the July 2000 kidnapping and murder of her estranged husband Elihue in order to collect his life insurance policy.
  • "Bernadette Perusquia" - Bernadette Perusquia is a school nurse who is accused of shooting her husband Juan, a security guard, in May 2003, but claims self-defense.
  • "Catherine Hamborsky" - Catherine Hamborsky is a Pennsylvania woman who claimed self-defense after being charged in the January 2005 shooting of bartender Thomas Lesniak.
  • "Tracy Lawson" - Tracy Lawson, a former nurse, is accused of bludgeoning her husband Andy but claims of abuse in June 2006.
  • "Tina Lunney" - Tina Lunney is a financial advisor who strangled her mother Marie Zoppi with a necktie to steal her credit cards in July 2009.
  • "Chyann Bratcher" - Chyann Bratcher, her mother Brenda Fine, and brother Thomas Fine are accused of plotting the drowning death of Chyann's husband Billy for life insurance in April 1994.
  • "Vonlee Nicole Titlow" - Vonlee Nicole Titlow is a transsexual woman who participated in the death of her uncle in August 2000 to pay for a sex change operation.
  • "Rose Chase" - Rose Chase is accused of killing her husband Adam after a marital argument, then dismembering his corpse in June 2012.
  • "Michele Williams" - Michele Williams is suspected of shooting her husband Gregory to death in their Ohio townhouse in September 1993.
  • "Colette Reyes" - Colette Reyes pleads insanity after she is charged with the November 2009 murder of her husband Arthur, a college professor, in their garage.
  • "Kirstin Lobato" - Kirstin Lobato is charged with the July 2001 murder and mutilation of a Las Vegas homeless man named Duran Bailey, but she maintains her innocence.
  • "Robyn Davis" - Robyn Davis and her best friend Carol "Sissy" Saltzman are suspected of murdering Robyn's husband Brian in June 2009 to cash in on a hefty life insurance policy.

Season 14 (2014–15)[edit]

  • "Omaima Nelson" - Egyptian-born model Omaima Nelson is accused of beating, stabbing, dismembering, and allegedly consuming her husband William in November 1991.
  • "Tammy Armstrong" - Tammy Armstrong, a young mother of two, shoots her boyfriend John Maier in May 2002, then burns and dismembers his body.
  • "Tasmiyah and Jasmiyah Whitehead" - Twin sisters Tasmiyah and Jasmiyah Whitehead are accused of stabbing their mother Nikki to death in January 2010.
  • "Sandra Plunkett" - Sandra Plunkett is charged with shooting her husband Paul on New Year's Day in January 2011, to pay her heroin addiction.
  • "Mary Ann Langley" - Mary Ann Langley is suspected of pouring gasoline on her cheating husband and setting his body on fire in December 2006.
  • "Mandy Smith" - Mandy Smith and her boyfriend Timothy Wise are accused of shooting her ex-boyfriend John Mayers in May 2011.
  • "Jordan Shaver" - Jordan Shaver is accused of shooting an Idaho man named Brian Geddes in October 2012 and hiding his body under his home.
  • "Lois Kay Cloud" - Lois Kay Cloud is an Arizona wife suspected of orchestrating the December 1997 shooting death of her husband Kenneth at a restaurant.
  • "Janet Harrell" - Janet Harrell is accused of arranging the kidnapping and murder of her ex-husband in October 2007 over a custody dispute.
  • "Pamela Phillips" - Pamela Phillips is suspected of orchestrating the November 1996 car-bomb death of her husband, Gary Triano, over life insurance.
  • "Juatasha Denton-McCaster" - Juatasha Denton-McCaster is charged with killing and dismembering her husband Norman in October 2012.
  • "Shriya Patel" - Shriya Patel's arranged marriage goes horribly wrong in April 2012 when she sets her husband on fire in their bathtub.
  • "Yolanda Saldívar" - Yolanda Saldívar is accused of shooting famous Latino singer Selena after getting caught embezzling money from the singer in March 1995.

Season 15 (2015)[edit]

  • "Camia Gamet" - Camia Gamet maintains the May 2013 killing of her boyfriend Marcel Hill was in self-defense, claiming he was an unknown attacker.
  • "Mindy Dodd" - Mindy Dodd and her nephew are accused of plotting the shooting death of her stepfather-turned-husband in December 1999.
  • "Social Media" - Jennifer Harris, Heather Kane, and Kayla Henriques are all accused of committing crimes motivated by social media.
  • "Marissa DeVault" - Marissa DeVault is accused of beating her husband Dale Harrell to death with a hammer in their home for life insurance and claims abuse in January 2009.
  • "Ana Trujillo" - Ana Trujillo is accused of stabbing her ex-boyfriend Alf Stefan Andersson with her stiletto heel after a drunken argument in June 2013.
  • "Denise Bozarth" - Denise Bozarth is accused of killing her husband Ed in June 2007 after his body is found on their houseboat.
  • "Angelina Rodriguez" - Angelina Rodriguez is accused of poisoning her fourth husband Frank in September 2000 for a life insurance payout and is also suspected of killing her infant daughter in 1993
  • "Pamela Ballin" - Pamela Ballin claims that an unknown intruder was responsible for bludgeoning her husband Ricky to death in December 2009.
  • "Dianna Saunders" - Dianna Saunders is suspected of orchestrating the August 2008 murder of her boyfriend with her ex-husband and stepson.
  • "Kathleen Dorsett" - Kathleen Dorsett and her parents, Thomas and Lesley, are responsible for the August 2010 beating death of her ex-husband Stephen Moore over child custody.
  • "Heather Horst" - Heather Horst was a young military bride who solicited a friend to murder her estranged husband for life insurance in August 2013.
  • "Judith Hawkey" - Judith Hawkey is suspected of manipulating her 10-year-old stepson into shooting his father to death in November 2003.
  • "Gabriela Escutia" - Gabriela Escutia arranges the October 2007 execution-style killing of her 18-year-old ex-boyfriend Javier Barrios.

Season 16 (2015–16)[edit]

  • "Yalanda Lind" - Yalanda Lind is accused of orchestrating the October 2008 home-invasion murder of her mother, Rebecca, for an inheritance.
  • "Kimberly Cargill" - Kimberly Cargill is accused of killing and burning her son's babysitter Cherry Walker in June 2010 to prevent her from testifying in court.
  • "Mary Jane Fonder" - Mary Jane Fonder becomes a suspect in the January 2008 shooting death of church secretary Rhonda Smith.
  • "Carmen Montelongo" - Carmen Montelongo is charged with the murder and dismemberment of her 62-year-old boyfriend, Sam in April 2011.
  • "Christine Billis" - Christine Billis is responsible for crashing her car into a tree, killing her husband Charles in September 2009.
  • "Kristi Fulgham" - Kristi Fulgham and her teenage half-brother Tyler are accused of the May 2003 shooting death of Kristi's husband, Joey.
  • "Cheryl Kunkle" - Cheryl Kunkle becomes the prime suspect in the November 2001 beating death of her ex-boyfriend Benjamin Amato.
  • "Brenda Bratschi" - Brenda Bratschi is accused of murdering her husband Randy, in November 2004 and gets away with it for five years.
  • "Brynn Hartman" - Brynn Hartman shoots her husband, Saturday Night Live comedian Phil Hartman then shoots herself, while high on cocaine in May 1998.
  • "Michele Despain" - Michele Despain and her father, Carl are accused of masterminding the August 2011 home-invasion murder of Michele's husband Mark.
  • "Michele Williams" - Michele Williams claims the October 2011 death of her husband was the result of a home-invasion, then insists it was a suicide.
  • "Ana Gonzalez-Angulo" - Ana Gonzalez-Angulo is a respected breast cancer researcher who poisoned her ex-lover's coffee in January 2013.
  • "Patricia Olsen" - Patricia Olsen manipulates her son, Christopher into shooting and beating her husband Neil to death in January 2005 to collect on his life insurance policy.

Season 17 (2016)[edit]

  • "Sabrina Zunich" - Sabrina Zunich stabs her foster mother Lisa Knoefel to death in November 2012, but claims the stabbing was her foster father's idea.
  • "Patricia Burney" - Patricia Burney orchestrates the February 2011 shooting death of her husband Arthur with her daughter Michelle and Michelle's boyfriend Michael Richardson.
  • "Maryann Castorena" - Maryann Castorena becomes the prime suspect when her ex-boyfriend Jose Hernandez is found dead on his driveway in January 2014.
  • "Erin Everett" - Erin Everett shoots and beats her lesbian lover Tory Minnick to death with a hammer in March 2011, after Tory reunites with her ex-boyfriend and claims of abuse.
  • "Heather Miller" - Heather Miller hatches a deadly plot to kill her husband Kevin in April 2000 which involves witchcraft, poison, and a betrayal.
  • "Amber Smith"- Amber Smith is accused of shooting her fiancé Trent Mallory in March 2014, to prevent him from knowing about her gambling addiction.
  • "Teresa Burousas" - Teresa Burousas shoots her husband Buzz to death in July 2009, initially blaming two other men, but then citing marital abuse.
  • "Poisonous Love" - Nancy Kissel, a Hong Kong socialite, and Tami Duvall, an Indiana nurse's aide, each use poison to end their marriages.
  • "Katrina Ben" - Katrina Ben's boyfriend, Eric is found shot dead in his apartment in June 2012, and the evidence points to Katrina as the perpetrator.
  • "Lynette Pontius" - Lynette Pontius conspires to kill her ex-boyfriend Martin Campbell in February 2007 in order to gain custody of her 7-year-old daughter Alicia.
  • "Suzanne Schoff" - Suzanne Schoff, her mother Lucy Mariner and her ex-husband's best friend Terry Wingler are suspected of conspiring to kill Suzanne's ex-husband Frank Schoff in August 2003.
  • "Angela Stoldt" - Angela Stoldt is accused of killing, dismembering, and cooking her neighbor James Sheaffer in April 2013 after their financial arrangement turned deadly.
  • "Monique Kitts" - Monique Kitts is a daycare owner who is having an affair with a younger man, and the pair plots to have her husband Corey Kitts killed in July 2010.

Season 18 (2016)[edit]

  • "Shelia Eddy" - Shelia Eddy and her lesbian lover Rachel Shoaf are responsible for the disappearance and stabbing of their 16-year-old friend Skylar Neese in July 2012.
  • "Ajelina Lewis" - Ajelina Lewis is suspected of stabbing her ex-boyfriend Will Palmer to death in March 2010, but she claims his murder was drug-related.
  • "Carol Kopenkoskey" - Carol Kopenkoskey's husband Lyle, turns up shot to death in October 2012, and the investigation uncovers her secret life and motives for murder.
  • "Cold Cases" - Carolyn McCaleb and Elizabeth Ortiz are accused of committing deadly crimes against their husbands that went cold for years until justice was served.
  • "Kim Long" - Kim Long discovers her boyfriend Ozzy Conde beaten and stabbed to death in October 2003, and she becomes the prime suspect in the murder case.
  • "Giselle Esteban" - Giselle Esteban is suspected of murdering her former best friend turned romantic rival Michelle Le after an argument over a lover in May 2011.
  • "Ghazal Mansury" - Ghazal Mansury becomes the prime suspect of the September 2013 disappearance of her elderly mother, Mehria Mansury.
  • "Dawn Fowler" - Dawn Fowler and her boyfriend Robert Heydman are responsible for the beating and stabbing death of her ex-husband Richard in December 2006.
  • "Menendez Brothers, Monsters or Victims?" - Lyle and Erik Menendez are accused of shooting their parents, Jose and Kitty Menendez, to death in August 1989 to collect on their inheritance.[10]
  • "Loretta Burroughs"- Loretta Burroughs claims her husband Daniel left her in August 2007, but the truth to her husband's disappearance is exposed years later.
  • "Donna Blanton" - Donna Blanton shoots her new husband Taylor, a Virginia state trooper, to death in October 2003 to get out from her crushing gambling debts.
  • "Diane Borchardt" - Diane Borchardt is a teacher's aide who is accused of seducing her teenage students into shooting her husband Ruben to death in April 1994.
  • "Susan Walls" - Susan Walls is suspected of conspiring with her daughter Dawn and two hired killers to commit the August 2012 stabbing death of her husband Larry.
  • "Chandaliea Lowder" - Chandaliea Lowder is involved in the September 2005 revenge shooting of an 18-year-old man who she believed sexually assaulted her daughter.

Season 19 (2016–17)[edit]

  • "Tanasha Siena" - Tanasha Siena is accused of killing her boyfriend of seventeen years, NASA engineer George Moore, after a domestic argument ended with gunshots in June 2014.
  • "Deborah Hueitt" - Deborah Hueitt is a nomadic woman who becomes accused of killing and dismembering her boyfriend Leonard Day's ex-girlfriend Tina Rae Stevens in May 1999.
  • "Michele Donohue" - Michele Donohue claimed that her husband Byron Wright left her for another woman in September 2004 but the truth is exposed years later.
  • "Patricia MacCallum" - Patricia MacCallum is accused of plotting the November 2012 shooting death of her husband Chris during a camping trip with her half-sister Amber Lubbers.
  • "Shayna Hubers"- Shayna Hubers is a young college student who shoots her boyfriend, a promising attorney named Ryan Poston, in October 2012 when he leaves her for another woman.
  • "Shaunna Dodd" - Shaunna Dodd is a popular bartender who becomes suspected of shooting her husband Brad to death in December 2012 and staging a home invasion.
  • "Michelle Byrom" - Michelle Byrom is accused of manipulating her son Junior into killing her husband Edward, uncovering the couple's secret porn videos and Michelle's alleged self poisonings in June 1999.
  • "Donna Scrivo"- Donna Scrivo is responsible for the dismemberment of her son Ramsay in January 2014.
  • "Sarah McLinn" - Sarah McLinn, a Kansas waitress, was convicted in the January 2014 slashing murder of her boss Harold Sasko.
  • "Stacey Schoeck" - Stacey Schoeck is accused of hiring a personal trainer to kill her fifth husband, Richard, in February 2010.
  • "Teresa Kotomski" - Teresa Kotomski is accused of poisoning her husband Raymond with antifreeze in August 2009 but claims she has no involvement.
  • "Traci Wolfe" - Traci Wolfe is accused of murdering her estranged husband, Blake, in November 2012.
  • "Judy Parker" - Judy Parker is accused of conspiring with her son and daughter into shooting her husband outside his office in April 2003 for life insurance.

Season 20 (2017)[edit]

  • "Notorious: Scott Peterson" — The trial of Scott Peterson who was convicted for the murder of his wife and unborn child.
  • Vegas Bray
  • Shanda Crain
  • Tracy Fortson
  • Lucille Duncan
  • "Tina Williamson"
  • "Misook Wang"
  • "Whitney Harris"
  • "Diane Staudte"
  • "Lisa Graham"
  • "Rebecca Fenton"
  • "Kwaneta Harris"

Season 21 (2017)[edit]

  • "Eve Nance"
  • "Martha Ann McClancy"
  • "Sandra Barajas"
  • "Notorious: Drew Peterson"
  • "Beatrice Camper"
  • "Notorious: Tupac Shakur"
  • "Sandy Locklear"
  • "Michelle Paet"
  • "Laura Stelmasek"
  • "Dawson McGehee"
  • "Eric Copple"
  • "Barbara Garcia"
  • "Daniel Clay"
  • "Helen Moore"
  • "Danielle Parker"

Season 22 (2017)[edit]

  • "Emma Raine"
  • "Karen Sanchez"
  • "Keanna Barnes"
  • "Alaina Mercer"
  • "Tameshia Shelton"
  • "Valerie Pape"
  • "Crystal Weimer"

Season 23 (2018)[edit]

  • "Shajia Ayobi"
  • "Sonia Mitchell"
  • "Kimberly Ross"
  • "Shelly Arndt"
  • "Verginia Turner"
  • "Melissa Napier"
  • "Joanna McElrath"
  • "Joyce Sturdivant"
  • "Notorious: Aileen Wuornos"
  • "Margaret Litchfield"
  • "Wanda Stanley"
  • "Donna Thorngren"
  • "Amy Van Wagner"
  • "Eugenia Campbell"
  • "Martha Farmer"
  • "Notorious: Charles Cullen"
  • "Notorious: Kristen Gilbert"
  • "Dee Eggert"
  • "Eileen Leone"
  • "Cindy Reese"
  • "Marissa Wright"
  • "Roxanne Buck"
  • "Janet Tyburski"
  • "Neola Robinson"
  • "Diana Nadell"
  • "Notorious: Ted Bundy"[11]
  • "Ashley Schutt"
  • "Susan Hendricks"
  • "Sharon Maxwell"
  • "Denise Fre"

Season 24 (2018-19)[edit]

  • "Amy Fisher"
  • "Angela Ferguson"
  • "Angelina O'Mara"
  • "Julene Simko"
  • "Jackie Ray"
  • "Diana Lovejoy"
  • "Crystal Mangum"
  • "Cynthia Coates"
  • "Doretta Scheffield"
  • "Carri Standsoverbull"
  • "Deborah Pieringer"
  • "Cynthia Mueller"
  • "Kelly Cochran"
  • "Marie Strickland"
  • "Liz Golyar"
  • "Tonya Miller"
  • "Ashley Hoath"
  • "Theresa Tolliver"
  • "Marcela Whaley"
  • "Patricia Monsell"
  • "Theresa Rodgers"
  • "Deidra Griffin"

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