Snappy Tomato Pizza

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Snappy Tomato Pizza
Privately Held Company
Industry Restaurants
Founded Fort Mitchell, Kentucky
Headquarters United States
Products Pizza · Hoagies · Salads · Wings · Pastas · The Beast

Snappy Tomato Pizza is a pizza chain that started in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, and has over 60 locations nationwide. Its headquarters are in Burlington, Kentucky. The chain specializes in pizza, but also serves calzones, hoagies, salads, pasta, dessert and appetizers.


The first Snappy Tomato Pizza was opened by Robert Rotunda in Fort Mitchell in 1978. Rotunda went to a horse race and put all of his money on a horse named “Snappy Tomato.” The horse won and Rotunda took all of his winnings and opened the first Snappy Tomato Pizza restaurant. In 1981 the company began franchising. In 1993, Snappy Tomato Pizza was purchased by Charles H. Deters.

Snappy Tomato has bought two other pizza franchises. Those two include a Cincinnati-based pizza franchise, “Spooners Pizza” in 1993, and seven Louisville, KY based franchises, “Pizza Magia” in 2005.


There are several dozen locations operating in the Greater Cincinnati area, and elsewhere in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Missouri, and Mississippi. Most stores are within the Southeastern United States. However, in 2009 Snappy Tomato Pizza ventured out west and opened up in Clovis, New Mexico.

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