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Snežana (Cyrillic: Снежана), also transliterated Snezhana, is a Slavic, Circassian, and Lithuanian feminine given name, possibly derived from sneg ("snow") and žena ("woman"). It is popular in former Yugoslavia, Russia and Bulgaria. Other spellings include Snježana and Sniježana, found in Croatia and Serbs outside Serbia. Snežana was the fifth most popular name in the Republic of Macedonia in 2011.[1] In the decade from 1960 to 1970 Snežana was the most popular name in Serbia.[2] Based on research conducted on 31 December 2007 by the Statistical Office of Slovenia, Snežana and Sergei were the 198th most common personal names in Slovenia. Снежана (Snezhana) and Синэжан (Sinejan), literally meaning "My sharp-eyed [girl]" in Circassian language, are one of the most common traditional Circassian female names. A derivative Нэжан (Nejan) is also popular amongst Circassian girls, though it can also be used as a male name, since it does not have the -a suffix. Snežan, Snježan, Snežko, and Snježko are some other male forms mainly in Christian former Yugoslavians. Snežko is a common surname in Lithuania. Sněžka is also the name of a mountain a mountain on the border between the Czech Republic and Poland. In Russia, there is a women's football club "Снежана" based in Lyubertsy, Moscow Oblast.


Female forms:
Сніжанна, Сніжана, (Ukrainian)
Снежа́на, Снежа́нна, Снежок, Снежа́ночка (diminutive), (Russian)
Snežana, Sneža, (Slovenian)
Snežana, Снежана, (Serbian and Macedonian)
Snježana, Sniježana, (Croatian)
Синэжан, Sinejan, Снежана, Нэжан, Nejan, (Circassian)
Снежана, (Bulgarian)
Sneža, Снежа, Snežanka, Snežica, Snežka, Снежка, Snežna
Жана, Zhana, Žana, Жанна, Zhanna, Žanna

Male forms:
Snežan, Snežko
Snježan, Snježko
Sinejan, Nejan, Jan

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