Sneak Attack (album)

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Sneak Attack
Studio album by Buddy Miles Regiment
Released 1981
Recorded 1981
Genre Rock
Label Atlantic
Producer Buddy Miles, Jim Paris, Monty Lee Stark

Sneak Attack is an album released in 1981 by the Buddy Miles Regiment, a band headed by American rock guitarist and drummer Buddy Miles. The album was released as an 11-track two-LP vinyl set, and includes tracks that were recorded live at the CIM prison facility in Chino, California. It was co-produced by Jim Paris and recorded and mastered at three different recording studios in Los Angeles, California, including the live show at Chino State Prison where Miles formed an all-inmate band while serving time there.[1]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks composed by Buddy Miles; except where indicated

Record one:

  1. "Latin Rock Fusion" 6:55
  2. "Can You Hold Me" 5:37
  3. "Sunshine of Your Love" 5:42 (Jack Bruce, Peter Brown, Eric Clapton)
  4. "I've Made My Mind Up" 7:42
  5. "Working Hard Every Day" 10:35

Record two:

  1. "Colossus" 4:56
  2. "Let's Make It Together" 8:13
  3. "Jazz Fusion" 4:30
  4. "Hold Her Tight"
  5. "Dust in the Wind" (Kerry Livgren)
  6. "For Your Precious Love" (Arthur H. Brooks, Jerry Butler, Richard A. Brooks)


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