Sneaker Pimps

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Sneaker Pimps
Origin Hartlepool, United Kingdom
Genres Trip hop, electronica, dance, garage
Years active 1994–2005, 2015-Present
Labels Clean Up Records
Virgin Records
Tommy Boy Records
Website - official web site of the Sneaker Pimps at the Wayback Machine (archived 26 February 2009)
Members Liam Howe
Past members Kelli Dayton
Chris Corner
Joe Wilson
David Westlake

Sneaker Pimps is a British trip hop band formed in Hartlepool, England, in 1994. They are best known for their first album, Becoming X (released in 1996), and particularly the singles "6 Underground", "Spin Spin Sugar", and "Tesko Suicide" from the same album. They took their name from an article the Beastie Boys published in their Grand Royal magazine about a man they hired to track down classic sneakers.

The band's founding members were Liam Howe and Chris Corner, who then recruited Kelli Dayton (formerly of Lumieres, now recording under the name Kelli Ali) for vocal duties and long-time friend Ian Pickering to provide lyrics.[1] After the first album, the band felt that demos for the second album (on which Corner provided the guide vocals) better suited his voice, especially in regard to the more raw, personal quality of the lyrics. Following the promotional tour for Becoming X, Kelli was dismissed from the group, and Corner became the singer.[2]

In May of 2015, founding member Liam Howe hinted that Sneaker Pimps would return to create their 4th album. He later confirmed this on a new Twitter account for Sneaker Pimps.[3]

It is unknown of Chris Corner, current vocalist and multi-instrumentalist of IAMX will be on the new album.

Side projects[edit]

Chris Corner began working on a side project in 2003 and released five solo albums in 2004, 2006, 2009, 2011 and 2013 under the moniker IAMX titled Kiss + Swallow, The Alternative, Kingdom of Welcome Addiction, Volatile Times and The Unified Field.[4] He has also sung guest vocals for TNT Jackson, Moonbootica and The Strike Boys, as well as produced material for Robots in Disguise. Corner also collaborated with Sue Denim from Robots in Disguise, under the name Sibling.

Past member Joe Wilson formed Trash Money with Chris Tate in 1999 and plays live with Client.

Liam Howe has become a successful writer/producer and has written and produced the likes of Marina and the Diamonds, Lana Del Rey and Ellie Goulding. He is signed to Columbia records for his solo project which includes collaborations with Alan Vega, Neneh Cherry and Princess Superstar. David Westlake[clarification needed] currently plays drums in Trash Money, has done session work for Natalie Imbruglia, Mediaeval Baebes, and Zero-G, and played drums with Ultrafox on tour.

Kelli Ali (Dayton) recorded her third solo album Rocking Horse at the beginning of 2008 and released it through One Little Indian late autumn 2008. She is quoted as saying this is a very different affair from her two previous solo albums, Tigermouth and Psychic Cat. Rocking Horse was produced by Max Richter.


In the studio, the band share instrumental duties. However, in the live environment they are usually seen playing the following:

Also note:

  • Chris Tate (friend of Joe Wilson and stand-in for Liam Howe on synthesiser during Bloodsport)
  • Kelli Dayton (ex-vocalist, asked to leave after making their first album Becoming X)




Year Song UK Singles Chart[5] U.S. Hot 100 U.S. Modern Rock U.S. Hot Dance Club Play Album
1996 "Tesko Suicide" - - - - Becoming X
1996 "Roll On" - - - - Becoming X
1996 "6 Underground" 15 - - -
1997 "Spin Spin Sugar" 21 87 - - Becoming X
1997 "6 Underground (re-issued)" 9 45 7 - Becoming X
1997 "Spin Spin Sugar (remixes)" 46 - - 2 Becoming X
1997 "Post Modern Sleaze" 22 - - - Becoming X
1999 "Low Five" 39 - - - Splinter
1999 "Ten To Twenty" 56 - - - Splinter
2002 "Sick" 100 - - 16 Bloodsport
2002 "Bloodsport" - - - - Bloodsport
2002 "Loretta Young Silks" - - - - Bloodsport
2005 "Low Five (digital remix EP)" n/a n/a n/a n/a The Mix You Miss website
2005 "Loretta Young Silks (digital remix EP)" n/a n/a n/a n/a The Mix You Miss website

Promo singles[edit]

  • 2002 "Kiro TV"
  • 2002 "M'Aidez"


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