Snell Valley

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Snell Valley
Snell Valley.jpg
Snell Valley during July with Snell Peak in background
Country United States
State California
Region Northern Napa County
Elevation 582 ft (177 m)
Length 2.3 mi (4 km)


Snell Valley is a depression landform in Napa County, California.[1] This feature is located approximately five miles north of Aetna Springs. The valley is noted for its diversity of wildflowers, and within Snell Valley is the Missimer Wildflower Preserve. An example of wildflowers in Snell Valley is Gold Nuggets, Calochortus luteus.[2]

Butts Creek flows through the center of Snell Valley; As seen in July 2016


Snell Valley was once part of the larger Guenoc Rancho in 1845 when it was deeded as part of a Mexican land grant to the earliest settlers to the region. It is assumed that the valley is named after George and Hiram Snell who were two brothers from Germany;documented as citizens of the Guenoc Rancho in 1857.[3]

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Coordinates: 38°41′55″N 122°24′12″W / 38.69861°N 122.40333°W / 38.69861; -122.40333