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Moomin character
Nipsu Muumimaailmassa.jpg
Sniff at Moomin World
First appearanceThe Moomins and the Great Flood (1945)
Created byTove Jansson
Voiced byJapanRyusei Nakao

SwedenRiko Eklundh
FinlandEero Ahre
FinlandJyrki Kovaleff (Comet in Moominland) FinlandJukka Nylund (2017 dubbing)
FinlandIlpo Mikkonen (Moomins and the Comet Chase)

DenmarkMads Mikkelsen (Moomins and the Comet Chase, international version)
FamilyThe Muddler (father) and Fuzzy (mother)
RelativesHodgkins (father's uncle)

Sniff (Swedish: Sniff) is a character in the Moomin stories created by Tove Jansson. His debut is in the first Moomin-book The Moomins and the Great Flood. In addition to books he is also a prominent character in the Moomin comics and animations.

Sniff in Moomin stories[edit]

Sniff's parents, The Muddler and Fuzzy

The parents of Sniff are The Muddler (Rådd-djuret) and Fuzzy (Sås-djuret), childhood friends of Moominpappa. Sniff is considered as a sort of an adopted child of the Moomin family, as Muddler and Fuzzy lost him when he was a small child.[1]

Sniff is greedy and a bit of a coward. He is cowardly and timid, so freedom for him means conquering his fears.[2] In the original books Sniff is small in size and therefore often referred to as the "little creature Sniff". However, In the comics and for example in the animated TV series Moomin Sniff is tall and relatively large compared to many of the other characters. In the animations he is portrayed as brown or grey, but in the colour pictures made by Tove Jansson he is always white (although sometimes, when feeling ill, he turns slightly green).[3]

In the books Sniff often spends the night in the Moominhouse, but he lives in a dwelling build into a rock outcrop near the forest. In the TV series and Tove and Lars Jansson's comics Sniff has his own house. In the TV animation he seems to spend more time in Moominhouse than in his own house. In the comics, Sniff's greed for money makes him more arrogant than in the books, and sometimes he even goes scheming with the shady Stinky.

In the book Tales from the Moominvalley Sniff has a dog called Cedric.

Sniff is an active character over the whole span of the animated TV series Moomin, even though Tove Jansson used the character only occasionally after the first books. In the TV series Sniff has been added to many of Jansson's stories where he did not originally feature.


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