Sniper Standoff

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Sniper Standoff
Sniper Standoff promo poster
Genre Crime thriller
Written by Ng Lap Kwong
Starring Michael Tse
Eddie Cheung
Kathy Chow
Kate Tsui
Eliza Sam
Joseph Lee
Alice Chan
Theme music composer Yip Siu Chung
Opening theme Life of Attack (狙擊人生) by Michael Tse
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of episodes 25
Producer(s) Kwan Wing Chung
Location(s) Hong Kong
Camera setup Multi camera
Production company(s) TVB
Original channel TVB Jade
Picture format 576i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Original release 9 September 2013 (2013-09-09) – 11 October 2013 (2013-10-11)
Preceded by Triumph in the Skies II
Followed by Will Power
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Sniper Standoff
Title screen
Traditional Chinese 神鎗狙擊
Simplified Chinese 神枪狙击
Literal meaning "Sniper Attack"

Sniper Standoff is a 2013 Hong Kong modern drama produced by TVB and starring Michael Tse, Eddie Cheung, Kathy Chow, Kate Tsui, Eliza Sam and Alice Chan. A costume fitting ceremony was held on 6 December 2012 at Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One Common Room at 12:30 PM.[1] The premiere episode debuted on 9 September 2013 on TVB Jade.


Sniper Lee Ho Yeung (Michael Tse) left the Special Duties Unit as he failed in an operation, and since then he has gradually developed personal enmity towards his co-worker and good friend Ko Chun Kin (Eddie Cheung).

Ho Yeung becomes a yacht merchant and then becomes a president of a Firearms Association, colluding with organised crime syndicates on the sly. Taking advantage of the trust laid upon him by a detective of the Organised Crime and Triad Bureau, Seung Koon Ming Chu (Kate Tsui), he has quite a grasp on police operations that raid on the crime syndicates. On top of that, with his girlfriend Lai Chan (Eliza Sam) being a member of the Special Duties Unit, Ho Yeung gains first-move advantage in all respects. On the flip side, Chun Kin has been kept in the dark for the whole time, until he finds there is something suspicious regarding the criminal’s modus operandi in several murder cases. Later on, owing to a money laundering case, Ho Yeung deliberately approaches Chun Kin’s good friend, Wong Yeuk Ling (Kathy Chow), who learns that Chun Kin was the sniper who shot her in the head many years ago. Without anyone noticing, a tense standoff between the brothers is about to unfold.


Special Duties Unit (SDU)[edit]

Cast Role Description
Eddie Cheung Ko Chun Kin
SDU Sniper Instructor
Wong Yeuk Ling's boyfriend
Lee Ho Yeung's friend and enemy
Sheung Koon Ming Chu "eldest brother"
Accidentally shot at Wong Yeuk Ling's head
Ko Chun Shek's younger brother
Michael Tse Lee Ho Yeung
Former SDU Sniper turned yacht businessman
Became involved in underworld
Sheung Koon Ming Chu "second brother"
Ting Hau's right hand man
Has relation line with Ting Hau
Identity as killer exposed in Episode 24
Betrayed by Tin Sheung Sin
Ko Chun Kin's friend and enemy
Has relation line with Lai Chan
Killed by Ko Chun Kin in episode 25 (Wanted to be Killed).
Eliza Sam Lai Chan
Hong Kong's first female SDU Sniper
Likes Lee Ho Yeung.
Raymond Tsang (曾守明) SDU member
Vincent Lam (林偉) SDU member
Steven Cheung Energy SDU Sniper
Likes Lai Chun
William Chak Tiger SDU member
Nathan Ngai (魏焌皓) Lam Pak Wing
SDU Sniper
Alan Wan (溫家偉) SDU member
Otto Chan (陳志健) SDU member
Yeung Chiu Hoi (楊潮凱) Pau Chi Chung
SDU Assaulter
Lau Tin Lung (劉天龍) SDU member


Main cast[edit]

Cast Role Description
Kathy Chow Wong Yeuk Ling
Insurance agent
Ko Chun Kin's girlfriend
Albert Yip's ex girlfriend/finance
Lost memory but recalled back the black money in Episode 23
Kate Tsui Seung Koon Ming Chu
OCTB detective
Likes Ko Chun Kin
Sheung Koon Tin's daughter
Dies in Episode 25
Alice Chan Ting Hau
The second CEO of "Kei Ting"
Has collusion with Lee Ho Yeung
Give the best to Kei Ting company and her father
Tin Sheung Sin's daughter
Ting Feng's elder sister
Been wanted by police after brother send Ting Hau crime evidence at Episode 24

Other cast[edit]

Cast Role Description
Joseph Lee(李國麟) Sheung Koon Tin
Sheung Koon Ming Chu's Father
Been killed while trying to save KC Lau at Episode 17
馬貫東 Siu Bog
Lee Ho Yeung Personal Assistant
Computer hacker
Stay in same house with Lee Ho Yeung and do all the house chores for Lee Ho Yeung
Chun Wong (秦煌) Tin Sheung Sin
The CEO of "Kei Ting"
Ti Hau's father
Miki Yeung Wong Yeuk Sum
Wong Yeuk Ling's sister, Wong Chi Hong's second sister
Get kidnapped at Episode 11 and saved by Lee Ho yeung at Episode 12
Leo Lee (李豪) Wong Chi Hong
Wong Yeuk Ling and Wong Yeuk Sum's Younger Brother
Been shot at Episode 21 at car park which saved Wong Yeuk Ling
Kayi Cheung Kwok Mei Kam
Ko Chun Kin's sister-in-law
Jimmy Au (歐瑞偉) Ko Chun Shek
Ko Chun Kin's brother
Insurance Manager
Suet Nei Lau Oi Yau
Ko Chun Kin's mother
Lee Chi Kei (李子奇)
Joe Junior Gun's club supervisor
Joseph Yeung (楊瑞麟)
Henry Lo (魯振順)
Chan Wing Chun (陳榮峻) OCTB
Sheung Koon Ming Chu's subordinate
Rocky Cheng (鄭健樂) OCTB
Sheung Koon Ming Chu's subordinate
Russell Cheung CID
Sheung Koon Ming Chu's subordinate
Apple Chan (陳芷尤) OCTB
Sheung Koon Ming Chu's subordinate

Viewership ratings[edit]

Week Episodes Date Average Points Peaking Points
1 01-05 September 9-September 13, 2013 25 27
2 06-10 September 16-September 20, 2013 24 26
3 11-15 September 23-September 27, 2013 26 29
4 16-20 September 30-October 4, 2013 26 28
5 21-25 October 7-October 11, 2013 27 29

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