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Sniper Records is the first Bulgarian hip-hop record label. It has helped many unknown artists to gain popularity and respect among the fans. The label was started by DJ Stancho together with Spens, Rado Stefanov AKA ChuP, Trombona a.k.a. MC Guinness, Slim and Ivaylo Tsvetkov in 2000. Soon many new artists joined Sniper Records and many albums were released. Sniper Records was a first step to Spens, Slim, The O.C.G, Da Drill, U.G., Dimna Zavesa, Bullet, Buck, Sr. Martini, DRS, Knockout and many more. The main producers were U.G, Spens, Bobo, ChuP and Sho-Sho (Dimna Zavesa - "Smoke Screen")

Albums released by Sniper Records[edit]

  • Hip-Hop Gorilla Soundtrack - part I
  • Spens - Prekaleno Lichno (Too Personal) - part I
  • Slim - Filmoteka Slimissimo
  • Dimna Zavesa - Oko za Oko, Zub za Zub
  • Hip-Hop Gorilla Soundtrack - part II
  • Da Drill - 96
  • Spens - Prekaleno Lichno (Too Personal) - part II
  • Hip-Hop Gorilla Soundtrack - part III
  • Pro MCz - Part I
  • Pro MCz - Part II

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Sniper Records - Sweden[edit]

Swedish label. Unlike the Bulgarian label with the same name, these swedes releases Rightwing oriented music.

SNIPERCD001: Pro Patria - Svensk Makt/Pluton Svea - Genom kamp till seger (Two CDs on one) 2000
SNIPERCD002: Norrlands befrielse arme´- Various artists 2002
SNIPERCD003: Brigade M - Trouw, wit & blau 2002
SNIPERCD004: Locked and loaded - We'll get our revenge 2004
SNIPERCD005: Soundtrack for a white revolution - Various artists 2006
SNIPERCD006: Titania - Slutstriden 2010