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Clockwise from top left: Andy, Spike, Olaf, Rover, Belle, Molly, Snoopy and Marbles.

In Charles M. Schulz's comic strip Peanuts, Snoopy was often stated to have seven siblings. Five appeared at various times in the strip: four brothers, Andy, Marbles, Olaf, and Spike; and one sister, Belle. The two others were never mentioned by name in the comic strip. According to the 1991 TV special Snoopy's Reunion, their names are Molly and Rover; however, their appearance is not considered canonical in the comic strip.[1]

Snoopy having seven siblings was an element of the strip that developed as the strip evolved. In the June 6, 1959 comic strip, following the birth of Charlie Brown's sister Sally, Snoopy remarks that he has no brothers or sisters, and is an "only dog". However, in a series of strips in May 1965 it is revealed that Snoopy has several siblings. In the May 11, 1965 strip Charlie Brown, in the middle of reading a letter Snoopy received from the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm, where Snoopy was born, recites "...and one brother lives in Washington, and the other in Texas...One sister lives in St. Louis, one in Hollywood and one in Kansas...". Since Charlie Brown is first shown in mid-sentence, it is not clear how many siblings Snoopy is supposed to have had. A few years later, in a March 18, 1970, strip, Snoopy writes in his autobiography: "I was born one bright Spring morning at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm. I was one of seven puppies."[2]

The apparent first reference to Snoopy being one of eight siblings occurred in the Sunday, December 3 1972 strip. Snoopy is shown filling out a questionnaire from his publisher, and he writes: "I was one of eight Beagles."

Snoopy's mother is called Missy but has appeared only once in Peanuts on July 26, 1996.[3] His father is called Baxter, and appears on June 18 1989.[4] A t-shirt that was sold for several years at Target and other stores shows Spike, Andy, Snoopy, Marbles and Olaf in a parody of the famous dogs playing poker print, despite much advertising copy which misidentified the characters.

Andy, Marbles, Olaf, Spike, and Belle appear briefly during the credits of The Peanuts Movie.


Spike appeared most frequently in the strip. He was a recurring character between 1984 and 1988, and was also used in one-off appearances sporadically through the rest of Peanuts history.

Spike's appearance is similar to Snoopy's, but he is substantially thinner, has a perpetually sleepy-eyed look, sports long, droopy whiskers that look like a mustache, and wears a fedora. He sometimes wears Mickey Mouse shoes which were a gift from Mickey Mouse. He is called Snoopy's older brother during the first story in which he appears.

Spike lives alone in a cactus, in the middle of the desert near Needles, California, only occasionally interacting with the principal characters in the strip, generally in visiting Snoopy. His friends are mostly inanimate saguaro cacti and an occasional tumbleweed. In 1991's Snoopy's Reunion, Spike's home was a huge hollow saguaro in which he kept books and his fiddle. Spike is named after Charles Schulz's childhood dog.

When Spike debuted in the strip in August 1975, it was revealed that his exceptionally low weight was because he had been living with coyotes, and his job was to clean out their den, which apparently causes him to burn off a lot of body fat. Although he got a better-fed appearance after his first visit to the Brown household, he apparently had to go "back to business" soon after returning home, for he soon became as thin as before.

He temporarily became Rerun's dog in I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown, and also starred in his own television special, It's the Girl in the Red Truck, Charlie Brown. He was also a main character in Snoopy's Getting Married, Charlie Brown, where he is shown traveling from Needles to visit Snoopy to be the best beagle at his wedding. Spike competes in a dog race to earn money for a bus ticket. He wins the race, but then gets disqualified for not being a greyhound. The final scene shows Spike returning home to Needles where his private residence is a hollowed-out saguaro cactus with modern amenities inside, where he is rewarding himself for his long travels by eating cake from Snoopy's wedding.

During a story, Snoopy and Woodstock and his bird friends rescue Spike from the coyotes, who were apparently furious after Spike tried to sell them oceanfront condos in the desert of Needles. In August 1977, Spike was to be Snoopy's best man at his wedding, only to end up eloping with Snoopy's fiancee and then being dumped himself for a coyote. In 1988, Snoopy is convinced in a letter from Spike that the Summer Olympics were being moved from Yuma to Phoenix. Snoopy, of course, comes to realize that the claim was false after Spike admitted that his "friend", a saguaro cactus, had told him the rumor. On February 15, 1987, Spike attempts to bury his fedora in a time capsule for a future civilization to study "Do not open until 6987!", but abandons this idea when he cannot survive the cold desert nights without the warmth his hat provides.

Another story arc from the 1980s featured Spike as the hero; Charlie Brown's baseball team is at loggerheads when the owner of the vacant lot they play in was told to not allow them to use the field anymore due to possible liabilities. Spike pulls off a real estate coup in which the coyotes (still living in Phoenix) bought the vacant lot so the kids can once again play.

Another storyline was in 1994 when he and his brothers Olaf and Andy visit Snoopy in the hospital. They abruptly leave shortly after Snoopy recovers.

Beginning in a series of strips from May 1981, Spike began joining Snoopy in his World War I escapades as an infantryman fighting in the trenches, the one change in Spike's appearance being that he wears a WWI-style army Brodie helmet instead of his trademark fedora. In a 1996 series when Spike himself comes down ill with the flu, Snoopy and Spike's mother Missy came over on a troopship to visit wearing a fur hat (the soldiers manning the rails of the troopship were also beagles). This was her sole appearance in the strip. At least two strips mentioned his meeting with Mickey Mouse.

In Snoopy's Reunion, Spike is shown being taken away by a rich family (with a limo). In the September 18, 1994, Sunday comic, Spike admits that he ran away from his owners to Needles after accidentally chasing a rabbit into a road, where it was run over. In The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show episode "The Lost Ballpark" Spike made a cameo appearance, his first appearance in any medium other than newspapers.

Spike's final appearance in the strip was on December 21, 1999, two months before the strip concluded.[5] A large statue of Spike resides in a Subway restaurant in Needles.

Andy & Olaf[edit]

Andy and Olaf live together on a farm. Andy is distinguished by his shaggy coat but otherwise looks like Snoopy. Olaf is obese and wears a hunting cap, and aside from his ears, bears little resemblance to Snoopy or his other siblings. Olaf now has taken residence in Orange, California, and works as a maintenance manager in a department store. Olaf also says his favorite book is still "Joe Bunny", which he has owned since puppyhood.

Olaf is first seen during a series on January 19, 1989, in which he visits Snoopy. During this sequence, Lucy enters with Olaf in an "ugly dog" contest, which he wins (much to his disappointment). He appears again in 1994 (beginning February 14), where he, Andy, and Spike visit Snoopy, who is in the hospital. After Snoopy recovers, the three brothers abruptly leave. This is the first appearance of Andy in the strip.

After that, Olaf and Andy are shown four times in 1994. They are sitting against a barn contemplating what direction their lives should go in. They appear sporadically after that.

Olaf usually plays the jug, and Andy has a full drum set, but is rather clumsy when carrying it and drops it from time to time.

Andy and Olaf spent some time traveling to Needles to live with Spike. However, after "two right turns and twenty-three wrong ones" they eventually ended up back at Snoopy's doghouse. After a brief stay and failure to become Rerun's dogs, they continued to wander around and were considering buying banjos in their last appearance on September 27, 1999. Andy is the only Peanuts character to have originated in animation before appearing in the strip (with the exception of Molly, Rover, and Missy, the mother). His animated debut was the 1991 TV special Snoopy's Reunion. Andy is based on a wire-haired fox terrier (also named Andy) that Schulz owned from October 1988 to March 1994.

Both Olaf and Andy made their second animated appearance in I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown via a flashback scene.


Belle is Snoopy's sister. She lives in Kansas City, Missouri, with her teenage son, whom Snoopy noted as resembling the Pink Panther. She is known for making bows. Once she made a bow which looked like the British flag. She also wore a beret in the Snoopy and his Siblings episode, "Ma Cherie: The Trip to Paris". Belle herself bears a strong resemblance to Snoopy, but with longer eyelashes. In addition, she wears a lace collar and sometimes wears a pearl necklace.

Belle only made a few appearances in the strip, but is remembered because of the Belle stuffed animal toys sold in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Many people who were not regular readers of the comic strip mistakenly thought that she was Snoopy's girlfriend rather than his sister. In Snoopy's World War I fantasies, Belle is a nurse.

Snoopy's sister made her first appearance in the comic strip on June 28, 1976, though she was mentioned by Snoopy earlier on June 22, 1976. Belle also appeared briefly in the opening sequence of The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show. While she was mentioned in the lyrics to the opening theme song, Belle never made an appearance in the cartoon series. Similar to Spike, Belle also plays the violin.

In 1984, Snoopy and Belle inspired fashion designers around the world, including Lagerfeld, Armani, and de la Renta to create one-of-a-kind outfits in their honor. Both beagles modeled for the "Snoopy in Fashion" exhibition held that year in Japan.

Other than the appearance in the opening credits of the TV series, Belle's only animated special was 1991's Snoopy's Reunion. Also she was mentioned, but not seen, in 2003's I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown.


Marbles is the oldest and reputedly the smartest of the siblings, whose only appearances in the comic strip were in 1982 from September 30 to October 9. Marbles is the only sibling whose ears are spotted rather than being solid-colored. Unlike Snoopy's siblings Spike and Belle, he does not share in Snoopy's fantasy World War I scenarios, seeing Snoopy's Sopwith Camel as his doghouse, an "ambulance" as a shopping cart, etc. while commenting that "...[Snoopy] was always the quiet one in the family." He leaves a visit to his brother over this. He was also seen to wear jogging shoes.

He also appeared in the 1991 animated feature Snoopy's Reunion and in a flashback from I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown, when Charlie Brown was talking to Rerun about Snoopy's siblings. Marbles plays the banjo.

Other siblings[edit]

The other two siblings, Molly and Rover, appeared in Snoopy's Reunion; however, Schulz never depicted or named these characters in the comic strip, so these names are not considered to be canonical. In the television special, these two siblings play the dobro and the mandolin. Molly is shown to be pampered because she has her own makeup.

Snoopy's parents[edit]

Snoopy's parents, Baxter and Missy, have each appeared only once in the comic strip (Baxter on June 18, 1989,[4] and Missy on July 26, 1996,[3]) but only Missy appeared on television. Missy appeared in Snoopy's Reunion in the flashback of when Snoopy and his siblings are born and being bought by people. Baxter is said to have lived in Florida, has a large white mustache, and wears glasses and a baseball cap. Missy bears a strong resemblance to Snoopy and Belle and wore a fur hat.


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